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Netrunner Store Championship

This is my report on a mediocre showing at a recent Netrunner Store Championship.  Usually you tend to see tournament reports from folks that won or did really well.  I thought it might be a nice change of pace for … Continue reading

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Golden Geek Madness

BoardGameGeek announced the winners of the Golden Geek awards last week, including the Game of the Year – Splendor.  The Opinionated Gamers unsurprisingly have diverse opinions about Splendor.  But we thought, why stop there?  Let’s share our opinions about all … Continue reading

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Feld Madness

Stefan Feld can be a polarizing game designer.  Many love his games; many love to hate his games.  The Opinionated Gamers recently came together to rate all of Feld’s games that we had played over the years on our classic … Continue reading

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Games of the Years: 2003-2013

Last week Larry and Tom worked their way backwards through the past 20 years to pick the most notable board games of the past two decades in the Notable Notables series, and yesterday they began working their way forwards through … Continue reading

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Games of the Years: 1993-2002

Now that we’ve finished selecting the most notable games from the last 20 years, we’re going to pick our favorites.  In case you missed it, last week Larry and Tom seized control of the OG to run the Notable Notables … Continue reading

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Notable Notables: 1993-1996

All good things must come to an end and so it is with the Notable Notables series.  20 years seemed like a good round number so that’s how far we decided to go back, plus it brought us back to … Continue reading

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