About Us / Review Policy

Here at the Opinionated Gamers, we’re passionate about games. We love to play them, we love to think about them and we love to write about them. Yes, we love our games. We’re not shy about giving our unbiased opinions, warts and all, so you’ll definitely know what we think about the games we write about here. Everyone involved with this project is doing so on a strictly volunteer basis.

Reviewing and Rating Games

The Opinionated Gamers blog will feature quite a number of game reviews. We will use a simple four-step rating scale in our reviews:

  • Love it!
  • Like it.
  • Neutral.
  • Not for me…

Why not a numerical rating system? Well, there are plenty of other places to find that sort of system, but we hope that you’ll find it more useful to know how our varied contributors feel about any particular game being reviewed. Furthermore, we will not make any attempt to aggregate our ratings – we want the ratings for any particular game to stand on their own.

Review Games Policy

How do we pick the games to review here on the Opinionated Gamers? As most of our reviews here will be group reviews, it has to be a game that at least a few of us have played. We are happy to accept games through the mail. If you would like to send games to us, use the contact form so that we can figure out who the best writer(s) would be to receive the game(s).

However, by accepting a game, we make no promise as to when – or even if – we will review the game; after all, everyone associated with the Opinionated Gamers is doing so on a voluntary basis! Furthermore, if a review does get published on the Opinionated Gamers, there is no guarantee that the review will be favorable — the reviewers will provide their honest opinions of the game.

Language Policy

Finally, a quick note about language used on this blog:

In our opinion, the use of profanity and vulgarity is not needed when talking about board games.  There are other ways to make a point than resorting to such language.  Certainly, there is a time and a place for such language, and we feel that this blog is not such a place.  This is a public forum which could be read by anyone – including children – and we would like this site to remain appropriate for everyone interested in reading about these games of ours.

Many of the contributors and readers of this blog read this site at work or at home – places where language of this nature is simply not appropriate.  Furthermore, continued use of this sort of language could trigger many internet blocking services used by employers and cause our blog to be blocked at work – we are already having enough problems of this nature having the word “Gamers” as part of our URL!

Thus, the Opinionated Gamers will employ a simple filter to prevent such language from being posted on our site.  We ask that anyone wishing to participate in the conversations here keep their tone civil and their words appropriate for all audiences.

Please respect this simple request. We certainly want everyone to be able to contribute to the comments here (which is why we don’t require you to have an account nor to log in to comment), but we do not want to have to actively moderate the comments on the blog.  If you feel that this restriction is too onerous, then we ask that you not post here.  There are other sites on the Internet where such language is felt appropriate, and we will respect your decision to post your comments there instead of on this blog.

Other Questions or Comments?

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Dale Yu
– founder and editor of the Opinionated Gamers