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10 Great Worker Placement Games (Article by Chris Wray)

Worker placement games have a prominent place in the gaming hobby, but the mechanic is only about 15 years old.  Caylus, designed by William Attia of France and released at Spiel 2005, is commonly referred to as the first “worker … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Games of 2019

Another year has passed, so it is time for our annual list of “best of” games from the previous year.  Each writer was given space to put in their personal list. If you missed it, a few days ago we … Continue reading

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10 Great Games of the 2010s (Article by Chris Wray)

The 2010s were a monumental time period in tabletop gaming.  The industry and hobby grew exponentially, with tens of thousands of new games hitting the market and hundreds of thousands of new players entering the fold.  It was a decade … Continue reading

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Ticket to Ride London (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Designer:  Alan R. Moon Publisher:  Days of Wonder Players:  2 – 4 Ages:  8 and Up Time:  10-15 Minutes Times Played:  > 5  Ticket to Ride is doubtlessly the most famous of the train games.  Fifteen years after Alan Moon’s … Continue reading

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Chris Wray: Quick Thoughts on 5 More Essen 2019 Games

We’re now a month past Spiel ’19, and on a recent visit to a local game store, I realized that many of the hottest games from the event have hit US shores. To help those who are holiday shopping (or … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Gaming Experience: Glen More II (Article by Chris Wray)

Author’s Note: This isn’t really a game review. It is more of an ode to game, and in particular, an ode to a particular gaming experience. There’ll be humor. At times I’ll veer into being a fanboy. And at times … Continue reading

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Chris Wray: Game Ratings from My Post-Essen Event

Shortly after Essen, I host a small weekend event where my game groups gather and play all of the titles I brought back from Essen. This is our fifth year hosting, and I call it Essen West, although we’ve looped … Continue reading

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Chris Wray: Quick Thoughts on 5 Essen 2019 Games

We’re a little over a week past Spiel ’19, and I’ve played 25-30 new titles that were on the Spiel preview list. Like I’ve done in past years, I wanted to post quick thoughts on a few games I’ve played. … Continue reading

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Essen 2019, Day 4: Quick Wrap Up (Chris Wray)

I’ll have mini-reviews of lots of games in the coming days, but this is a sort of wrap up post, just quick thoughts on the Geekbuzz and Fairplay lists. The big news on the last day is that attendance topped … Continue reading

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Essen 2019, Day 3: What’s Hot, and What I Played (Chris Wray)

I wasn’t especially productive today, instead spending considerable time wandering around the used game stands. So today’s post just has quick coverage of the Geekbuzz and Fairplay lists, then some thoughts on Die Crew, which we did get some plays … Continue reading

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