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Five Three Five (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Five Three Five is a new climbing/shedding game from Portland Game Collective. Five Three Five was originally published in Japan in 2020 by Game Nowa. The game was a massive hit at the trick-taking convention back in January (even though … Continue reading

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Trick-taking Week: The Artwork of Sai Beppu (Article by Chris Wray)

This week is about celebrating trick taking games, and today, we’re celebrating a leading artist of trick taking games, Sai Beppu! Historically, the trick taking game mechanic was packed with dull and drab art, but that has changed in recent … Continue reading

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9 Lives (Game Review by Chris Wray)

9 Lives is the second game in Allplay’s trick taking line.  The game was released as Catty in 2015 in Japan by Jelly Jelly Games, but Allplay picked it up for a wider release, gave it a high-quality production with … Continue reading

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Trick Taking Week: An Interview with David Parlett

I started trick taking week by talking about the recent rise of trick-taking games. But the growth of trick taking games has been centuries in the making, and the spark that led to the era of designer games came decades … Continue reading

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Seven Trick-Taking Games that Deserve a Reprint! (Article by Chris Wray)

I recently asked the Trick Taking Guild which out-of-print games they’d like to see reprinted. More than 120 members voted on more than 30 games. I promised the Guild I’d publicize the list, so here I am satisfying that promise! … Continue reading

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Tricks and Trumps #1: The Classics Before 1965

This is a relaunch of our long-lost trick-taking series, Tricks & Trumps. You can find the series introduction posted just before this article; I’d recommend reading it first, since it lists the methodology we used to select the games discussed … Continue reading

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