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Aurum (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Eric Martin has published his Gen Con 2023 preview, and the convention opens Thursday. I sorted the list to identify the trick-taking games, noticing four that will be for sale at Gen Con 2023 (Aurum, Inside Job, Sail, and Seas … Continue reading

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Two Days in Tokyo: The Lead Up to TGM Spring 2023

I few years ago, I made a list of conventions I wanted to attend, games I wanted to play, and other gaming “bucket list” items. The only item list I had not checked off was going to Tokyo Game Market. … Continue reading

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Seven Trick-Taking Games that Deserve a Reprint! (Article by Chris Wray)

I recently asked the Trick Taking Guild which out-of-print games they’d like to see reprinted. More than 120 members voted on more than 30 games. I promised the Guild I’d publicize the list, so here I am satisfying that promise! … Continue reading

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Tricks and Trumps #1: The Classics Before 1965

This is a relaunch of our long-lost trick-taking series, Tricks & Trumps. You can find the series introduction posted just before this article; I’d recommend reading it first, since it lists the methodology we used to select the games discussed … Continue reading

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T7: A weekend of trick-taking

In January, we got together to play some trick-taking games. It wasn’t the hotel we used two years ago, it was the house from the year before. I should’ve taken a picture of it the night it snowed. It looked … Continue reading

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Cat in the Box

Designer: Muneyuki Yokouchi (横内宗幸)Publisher: Ayatsurare NingyoukanPlayers: 3-4Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 5 on a purchased copy Cat in the Box is a trick-taking game that continues the “tradition” of untangling suits and ranks from their natural connection. When we think … Continue reading

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