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10 Great Worker Placement Games (Article by Chris Wray)

Worker placement games have a prominent place in the gaming hobby, but the mechanic is only about 15 years old.  Caylus, designed by William Attia of France and released at Spiel 2005, is commonly referred to as the first “worker … Continue reading

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10 Great Ticket to Ride Maps (Article by Chris Wray)

Alan R. Moon’s Ticket to Ride is one of the favorite games among writers of this site.  It was #1 on our list of 50 Modern Classics, and it was #1 on our list of games to play first when … Continue reading

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10 Great Games by Reiner Knizia (Article by Chris Wray)

Reiner Knizia is one of the most prolific and accomplished game designers of the modern era.  Many of his designs have achieved commercial success and critical acclaim, and he has several titles that are doubtlessly modern classics. He’s also a … Continue reading

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