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RollingCon 2019

I’m writing this up from the registration line of BGGCON this morning, the convention’s first time at this new hotel -now outside of the DFW airport (again), and after an afternoon and an evening, it’s already been a nice change, … Continue reading

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Autumn Game Market Anticipation Post (ゲームマーケット2019秋プレビュー)

Autumn Tokyo Game Market, which I may occasionally slip up and refer to as “Fall”, is happening next weekend, while I’ll be at BGG.CON. Thankfully, that means I’ll miss the last few days of announcements and updates, lest I find … Continue reading

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Fish, Farewell, Forever

Designer: PawnArtist: Reiko Ohba   Publisher: bouken (Adventure Planning Service)Players: 1Ages: 15Playing Time: 15 minutesTimes Played: 11 with a review copy bouken, the publisher of Fish, Farewell, Forever, is not well known, but in the circles it is known, it is known … Continue reading

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Bangkok’s Board Game Academy

I didn’t know anything about board games in Thailand until around 6 weeks ago. To find out about new games released by designers or publishers from Korea, Taiwan, or Japan, I know where to look on social media and other … Continue reading

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Halloween Tricks

Designer: 常時次人 (Muneyuki Yokouchi)Publisher: [none](EN Rules, JP Rules)Players: 3-4Ages: 13+Playing Time: 30-45 minutes Halloween is not my jam. This polaroid is the only picture I could find of me in any sort of costume as an adult, and it’s just … Continue reading

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The Board Game Scene in Indonesia and Indonesian Games at Spiel 2019

When I went to Spiel in 2017, one of my first stops was the Indonesian booth in the far back.  I say “the Indonesian booth” because, as with some other countries, rather than a specific publisher having a booth, an … Continue reading

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ゲットコネクト (GET CONNECT)

Designer: あかさたな (Akasatana)Artist: あかさたな (Akasatana)Publisher: サークル713 (Circle 713)Players: 2-4Ages: 6+Playing Time: 5-20 minutesTimes Played: 4 with a purchased copy Here’s a sign I saw outside my favorite corner bar one day. When I say favorite corner bar, uh,… I’ve never … Continue reading

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Soulaween (蒐靈祭)

Designer: Shi ChenArtist: 費子軒, 陳可靚Publisher: Play With Us Design (玩聚設計)Players: 2Ages: 6+Playing Time: 15-30 minutesTimes Played: 7 with a review copy Soulaween is a 2-player abstract game that premiered earlier this year at a few conventions in Japan and Taiwan, … Continue reading

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なつめも (Natsumemo)

Designer: 宮野 華也 (Kaya Miyano)Artist: Riyo, Tansan & Co., 新月竜 (Shingetsuryu)Publisher: cosaicPlayers: 3-6Ages: 8+Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 6 with a purchased copy This is my nephew, and one of my best friends, watching 4000 gallons a minute of boiling … Continue reading

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みんなのお茶請け (Everyone’s Served)

Designer: HAMMERArtist: Ryo NyamoPublisher: Hammer WorksPlayers: 3-6Ages: 8+Playing Time: 20 minutesTimes Played: 5 with a purchased copy Everyone’s Served is billed as a “trick-taking” game, though it has a single suit with cards numbered 1 to 48.  It’s not the … Continue reading

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