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Age of Steam Con 2021 Recap

This last weekend, John and I drove to Kansas City for Age of Steam Con. I’ve talked about the convention before, when I went in 2019 (Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), and was thrilled that the timing … Continue reading

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Three Games I Travel With

Today I wanted to talk about the games that make up my sort of “go bag.”  If I’m headed somewhere, that isn’t intended to be a “game night”, say, maybe a birthday party or a get together because some folks … Continue reading

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Encyclopaedist (a review)

Designer: Sengoku Ichiro (千石 一郎)Publisher: 数寄ゲームズ (Suki Games)Players: 3Playing Time: 20-30 minutesTimes Played: 3 on purchased physical copies; a few more times with a Google Sheets mock-up I’m going to talk below about the many ways I love Encyclopaedist and … Continue reading

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Age of Assassins (a review)

Designer: Muneyuki Yokouchi (横内宗幸)Publisher: 操られ人形館 (Ayatsurare Ningyoukan)Players: 3-4Playing Time: 30 minutesTimes Played: 8 (some on a friend’s copy, some on a copy I purchased (1st ed.), some on a second copy I purchased (3rd ed.)) I first played Age of … Continue reading

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Osaka and Tokyo Spring Game Market 2021 Anticipation Post

Hi folks – As I usually do twice a year, I want to highlight some of the titles that have recently been released in Japan, or will be shortly; I’ll touch on games that I’m eager to play, games I … Continue reading

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An Interview with Smoox Chen about 150BG.con

Today in Taiwan, one of my new-found favorite board game conventions is happening, 150BG.con, and I wanted to share with you some details about it from our friend, and one of the organizers of the convention, Smoox. This is the … Continue reading

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