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Forest of Tataraba – Review

Tatara-ba to Mori (Tatara, Field and Forest aka Forest of Tataraba) Designer Tanagokoro Publisher Hobby Japan Player Count 2-4 Time 20-50 minutes Tatara is bit unusual. First, it’s a “big box” game from Japan that’s not war, anime or D&D … Continue reading

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Wind the Film – review

Wind the Film Designer Saashi Publisher Saashi & Saaashi Player Count 2-4 Time 20 Minutes If you remember when you had to take pictures with a camera with film and not a phone or a memory card you are in … Continue reading

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Great Western Trail – Review

Designer: Alexander Pfister Publisher: Stronghold Games, Eggertspiele. others Players: 2-4 Ages: 12+ Time: 75-150 min Great Western Trail capitalizes on the romance of the American west, but if you are looking for fighting and shoot outs – keep looking, if … Continue reading

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Planet Defenders – Essen Preview

Planet Defenders – Essen Preview  Designed By Wei-Min Ling Artist Maisherly Publisher EmperorS4 Games 2-4 Players 30-60 min In Planet Defenders players are trying to capture wayward robots using the 3 super planet defenders robots. To do this players use … Continue reading

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Yokohama Review

Designer: Hisashi Hayashi Publisher: Okazu Brand, Tasty Minstrel Games Players: 2-4 Ages: 12+ Time: 90 Minutes Yokohama is the latest game from Hisashi Hayashi of Okazu Brand. He is one of the most diverse designers out there currently and I’m … Continue reading

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Review of Hanamikoji

Hanamikoji  Designed by Kota Nakayama Artist Maisherly Chan Published by EmperorS4 Games Original publication 21 Flowers from Takamagahara 2 Player Time 10-20 min Hanamikoji is a famous street in Kyoto renowned for its teahouses and geisha and in this game players … Continue reading

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Tofu Kingdom – First Impression

One of the great things about attending Essen is that with the sheer numbers of games there you can sometimes find a little hidden gem amongst all the buzz of the hot games. On my first walk thru I spied … Continue reading

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Burano Preview

Burano is a new Euro style game from the design team at EmperorS4 Games who also did Jungle Rumble. It’s a big game with a lot going on and a fresh mechanism. The game theme focuses on building the city of … Continue reading

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Review of The Voyages of Marco Polo

The Voyages of Marco Polo Designers: Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini Artist: Dennis Lohausen Publisher: Z-Man Games, Hans im Gluck Players: 2-4 Time: 40-100 minutes   I’ve waited a long time for a Marco Polo themed game that would pique … Continue reading

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IKI -Preview

Iki is a new boardgame that will be coming to Kickstarter soon. I was drawn to the Japanese art the game. While the theme is nothing new to gamers: it’s about the marketplace, I love that the designer of this … Continue reading

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