POLL – How many games do you own?

The “average gamer” project moves onward.  Thus far, we’ve looked at whether or not you log your games played and what your favorite color is.  This week, we want to know how big your… game collection is.

If you haven’t answered the previous polls – you can find them by clicking on the “AverageGamerProject” tag at the bottom of this post.

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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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13 Responses to POLL – How many games do you own?

  1. BoB Marrinan says:

    I think there needs to be more selections shown. Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area there are collections in the following;
    and there are at least three collections in the 7000 plus range.
    Nationally there are quite a few collections in the 10,000 range.
    Then there is Darwin Bromley’s collection at 22,000 .

  2. Dale Yu says:

    Well, sure — we could stratify things out much further… But when we were putting this poll together, the other Opinionated Gamers that I asked felt that 1000+ would be a good place to put the upper limits of this particular poll. Heck, I’d guess that at least a third, if not a half, of the OGs have 1000+ games at home!


    • BoB Marrinan says:

      Not meaning to brag, but I’m one of the 7000 collection in town. The other two guys collection are really impressive. They have many titles I wish I had been able to find. Ah, the joys of collecting and playing.

  3. david karasick says:

    I have over 1600 games ………..all collected in the last 10 years. I have them listed on BGG under “skeletodoc”.

  4. Jeffles says:

    How many games does my 40 decks of cards count for? 1? 40? All the games I regularly play with cards? What about games like Stonehenge?

  5. Michael Chapel says:

    Interesting. 3/4’s of your readership own more than 100 games.

  6. Dale Yu says:

    Chapel – I don’t know what to make of it yet… I know that around here in my local group, we’ve got 3 guys that are near the 1,000 mark, and plenty that are in the 10-20 range — so we’ve got the full spectrum here. I figure there are still maybe 100 votes to come before I shut down the poll – so maybe the percentages will still shift a bit.

  7. Mike Chapel says:

    I guess I find it interesting as when Matthew Gray ran some numbers on BGG a few years ago that if you owned over 100 games that put you squarely into the top ~5% of the entire membership. And that was the top 5% who even took the time to track how many games they owned. And now showing here that over 75% of the readership has over 100 games. I find it an interesting metric.

    I know myself that I own over 250 games, and I’m the least of most of my gaming group. A few of them with over 1000 games.

  8. Charles Waterman says:

    I’d like to see a poll question on how list members limit or don’t limit their game purchasses. (Corellated (sp?) with how many games they own, of course). For example – how many people follow the “Jones Theory”? Do people set themselves an annual budget? Are there exceptions for expansions to deeply loved game series’? Do people set themselves a limit based on how many games they buy in a year not related to price?

    Montebanc (no relation)
    alias Chuck Waterman
    Kumamoto, Japan

    • Jeffles says:

      I know I limit mine by space. I’ve decided one game closet is an excellent limit and everything must fit in there. So I sometimes get rid of games to buy new ones, and sometimes combine; putting all Dominion into one box for example.

  9. Jeffles says:

    Didn’t fit in the closet, so I took it apart and recycled it.

  10. Michael Sosa says:

    Space is my principal limiting factor too. It isn’t that I don’t have any, it is that I self impose a limit because aesthetically I don’t want to see my house overrun by games. So I have a large section of the wall were I keep about 200 games. It is completely full, and I’m also combining games to make more space. So Cuba and expansion into one box. Steam and Steam Baron into the Steam box, even if it required shortening the rule book and one board! (Curses to whomever was responsible for not making those two games size compatible). I recently started a math trade where I’ve decided to try selling some of my titles to make space for others that I can’t seem to trade for!

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