Five & Dime: Lo, How The Mighty Have Fallen

These are games that have appeared on the Five & Dime lists before… and have fallen in overall playing percentages.

Game % drop from 2009
Pandemic -12.84%
FITS -11.11%
Agricola -10.14%
Le Havre -8.87%
Race for the Galaxy -7.45%
Battlestar Galactica -6.54%
Small World -6.27%
Sorry! Sliders -6.15%
Chicago Express/Wabash Cannonball -5.99%
Automobile -5.74%
Galaxy Trucker -5.72%
Ra -5.61%
Finito! -5.47%
Snow Tails -5.39%
Wasabi! -5.15%

Well, Dominion didn’t experience expansion fatigue like I thought it would… but I did manage to call Pandemic, Agricola & Race for the Galaxy.

For next year, I think that Race for the Galaxy may rebound a bit with the new expansion arc while Dominion flirts with the very bottom of this list. We should certainly see Hansa Teutonica, Dixit & Forbidden Island show up here.

Just a note: I don’t celebrate (for the most part) games getting played less – my game night last night actually was Race for the Galaxy & Ra (both on this list) and Dungeon Lords (which I’m predicting will be here next year.)

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  1. Michael Chapel says:

    Fluffy gamers have a short attention span. ;)

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