Five & Dime 2010: & The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Statistics-Driven Gaming Party on the Internet

Yeah, couldn’t help myself with the Guys & Dolls reference. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra hamming it up a very long time ago… or better yet, rent the movie. )

Anyway, the Five & Dime Report for 2010 isn’t finished… the party is just moving to another location. (And, in case you hadn’t figured it out, that new location is not the garage of the Biltmore but instead my personal blog, aka pastor guy.)

You can check out extended lists, musings on stats buried in the Five & Dime numbers, and even some really nifty graphic ways of looking at games over time. Here’s what’s up so far:

There’s lots more to come over the next couple of weeks!

Thank You!

I also need to say a huge “Thank you” to the 425 folks who made this possible – those of you of obsessive-compulsive types (like me!) who can’t play a game without jotting down something in your notebook or smart phone. Without you, the Five & Dime Lists don’t exist.

As well, I want to thank the good folks over at Board Game Geek for their help in getting the Five & Dime word out – Aldie & Derk (and their army of Flying Monkeys aka Admins) have built a wonderful site that helps a lot of us feed the obsession… ahem, enjoy our hobby to the fullest!

Finally, thank you to the Opinionated Gamers writing staff & our Head Flying Monkey (Dale Yu) for letting me eat up a week of OG time with this stuff – you guys are the best!

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