2012 Essen Preview #2 – More games already reviewed/previewed and news from Z-man

Wow. Miss a few older reviews, and the natives get restless…  In the previous post, I highlighted a few games that we had already covered.  Of course, I missed a few things (which I’m fairly apt to do), so I’ll rectify that here…

But first, some updates on the Z-man plans for SPIEL 2012.  I’m always interested in knowing what the domestic companies are planning to co-produce or distribute here in the States because it helps me prioritize which games I need to bring back from Essen and which might be able to wait for domestic release.  I was chatting with my PR source at Z-man, and I have the current list of games they are looking at for this fall:

Games of their own to be shown:

  • Clash of Cultures
  • Atlantis Rising

Games they plan to co-produce/distribute

  • Ladies of Troyes (Pearl Games)
  • Ginkopolis (Pearl Games)
  • Le Havre 2-player edition (Lookout)
  • Agricola 2-player expansion box (Lookout)
  • Agricola expansion deck (Lookout)
  • Convoy (Portal)
  • Dungeon Lords Festival Season Expansion (CGE)

I definitely hope to have more preview coverage of these games in the weeks to come, but for now, it’s exciting to know what will Z-man is planning to import already!


And, now to continue catching up on previously reviewed games –

Tom Rosen did a wonderful preview on the CGE games that he played at the Gathering – namely Goblins Inc, Dungeon Lords: Festival Season, and Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar.
Over the summer, Liga also highlighted a few Italian games that he had a chance to preview:

Finally, Lorna – who is one of our resident obscure game collectors – did a nice review on Trains which will hopefully be at the fair via Japon Brand.

My apologies to the other OG writers who I missed in the first preview.  But, on the bright side, it was a good excuse to write a new post for today…
Keep your eyes on the blog, we’ll be starting some new previews over the weekend.  You can always refer to the homepage of our Spiel 2012 Preview coverage as well to see the list of posts and list of games covered thus far…

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  1. Expansion to “All Creatures Big and Small”?

  2. Dale Yu says:

    Brian, no idea. I pretty much just copied-and-pasted the response I got from Z-man PR. I will ask when I talk to her next and keep the list updated! You may have set the record for fastest comment after blog posting though! I got the email for your comment before I had email notification on the post itself!

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