Dale Yu – Pictures from Essen Setup Day (Tuesday)

It’s still drizzling here, but that’s no big deal as the majority of my time will be indoors for the rest of the week. Tuesday is the day when some people start setting up their booths, though most definitely not everyone is here. From our initial walkaround starting at noon, maybe 20% of the stands had folks working on setup. It’s freezing in the halls because all the big cargo doors are wide open and cars and small trucks are constantly driving in to drop of pallets full of stuff.

There has been a little bit of a reshuffling of stands.  BGG is now in 12, and their old space in 10 is now inhabited by Zoch.  Hasbro has a huge booth in 10 as well.

Most people are too busy to talk today, so I don’t have that much news to give – but here are some pictures to show you what it’s like in the Messe today:

The empty 2F booth. No one is here, but a pallet of their games has arrived!

The BGG worker bees getting Geekbuzz cards set up. The format will be different this year – you can only give a thumbs up to a game, and most thumbs up determines ranking. Accordnig to Aldie, the new voting screen will be like a gaming Pinterest page

My first snackbar bratwurst. The first of many. Currently, I’m putting my personal over/under for the week at 6.

My first view of some Suburbia promo art. Woo hoo!

A huge pallet of the Zooloretto extras box. at least it’s thin!

Queen has three or four huge booths. The big two games they appear to be pushing are Escape and Kingdom Builder. All these tables are set up for Escape

And here is the Kingdom Builder area – maybe 1/2 the size of the Escape area

plenty of stock in the queen booth!

Yup, it’s Tuesday, and the Fragor booth is already sold out of games. Just kidding. Gordon says they will arrive tomorrow

Frank DiLorenzo with a new game from R&R – Attraction – it is described as a magnetic Crokinole like game. More info when I get a chance to play it. Right now, Frank is taking them out of styrofoam filled box and carefully removing all the statically attached pieces of foam from the packaging.

Carc World Championship area in hall 4

Did you know mattel has a new logo? I didn’t until today

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Aldie actually working. Just kidding! The BGG guys are all hard at work getting stuff set up.

These are apparently the rest of the games Queen has at the show. Lost Legends IIRC is a fantasy card game by Mike Elliott.

Queen’s going to have lots of expansions available too…

This is the first art I’ve seen yet about Carrara… Hopefully more news on this tomorrow when the HiG or Z-man guys are around

Well, like I said, it’s pretty empty still, so that’s about all I’ve seen for today.  Now it’s time for a nice dinner and maybe some beer. By some, I mean a lot.  Gute nacht.



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8 Responses to Dale Yu – Pictures from Essen Setup Day (Tuesday)

  1. Bruce Miller says:

    The second days food appears much more appetizing than the first.

  2. Whoa! Most of those Queen Games expansions are not in the BGG Spiel preview.

  3. Larry R. says:

    Yes, what does the Kingdom Builder 2 expansion do?

  4. DLEDLE says:

    What country are you in? Seems like one that speaks English primarily. Weird.

  5. DLE says:

    Regarding the Mattel logo:


    Appears that one is used solely for Mattel games and only since 2012. The old logo still applies to everything nongame.

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