First Impressions of Essen games Coming Soon! Reviews in a few weeks…

OK, it’s been quiet here on the blog this week, but I think that’s because the OG writers have been out starting to play all the new Essen games… I know that a handful of us were at Sasquatch on the West Coast this weekend, and I had a full weekend of games myself.  Now that I’ve gotten a bunch of games under my belt, it’s time to start writing a bit about them.

(While each of the OG writers has their own policy on reviews – my own policy is generally to have played a game at least 3 times before writing a review.  At this point, I’m too excited about all the new games, and I’ve played most of my games once.   To wit, I’ve played 24 different Essen games at least once, but only played 6 of them twice and only 1 has made the 3 play barrier so far.  I’m also planning to wait until at least after BGG.con so that there is a good chance that other writers have had a chance to play at least once to give their comments as well…)
There are a few more cons coming up this month, most notably BGG.con – and once that has come and gone, we will start our traditional group reviews at that point.  Until then, we’ll try to write up our first impressions of the games that we’ve already played.

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