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Well, to be truthful, I haven’t been doing too much reading this past week as I’ve been readying myself for a trip to Germany!

I’m taking a long overdue vacation to Bavaria this week, and my wife was a little surprised to discover that our trip coincides with the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg!  [/sarcasm]

Honestly, it’s mostly a tourist trip, as I’ll only be at the fair for a single day for a few important meetings and hopefully a look at three new games that I’ve had a hand in designing/developing.

The Toy Fair is not just about boardgames – in fact, TGOO only take up a small part of the floor space at the show.  This is the page describing the board game section of the fair:


If you look closely at the map, the yellow halls (10.0, 10.1) are the only ones with games in them – the rest of the grey halls are filled with other stuff!  I read somewhere that the baby section alone is 12,000 square meters!

In any event, I’ve never been before, and I’ll really only get the barest of glimpses of the show – but it’s better than nothing!  Keep your eye out on Eric Martin’s reports from the fair on the BGG News feed.  I will try to take some pictures and write up my thoughts when I get back.

In case you missed it, the blog turned three years old last Friday!  There must be something about January and the birthing of gaming blogs – BGG just turned 14 last week as well.

Larry Levy (who is a big fan of all things Martin Wallace) notes that the announcement for the newest Treefrog games came out in the past week:



If you’re read some of our post-Essen reports, a lot of the OG writers are fans of Patchistory, a super-exclusive release from Deinko at Essen 2013.  Only 50 copies were brought in English, and I think the OG can account for 6-8% of the total print run…

For the rest of us, the good news is that the game is coming out in English soon from a new company – StuntKite


For the luddites in the crowd, don’t forget about Counter Magazine – a PRINT magazine about games.  A number of the writers here also contribute to Counter.  http://countermagazineonline.wordpress.com/

Larry Levy chimes back in with this:

I think people familiar with Phil Eklund’s designs, whether they love them or hate them, will enjoy this very funny Geeklist.

From Jonathan Franklin –

This Downton Abbey Board Game Will Destroy Your Friendships

While he won’t admit it, I am guessing that Jonathan is also awaiting the Jane Austen games as well…  (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1008284137/the-jane-game-a-jane-austen-trivia-board-game)

Dale Yu: Posting that link made me think about other weird book-related games that I’ve played… I found this list online – I am sad/happy to say that I’ve played 5 of them!


From our newest member, Karen Miller –

“I have no idea if this link is the kind of thing you are looking for so it matters not if you include it or not, but I was kinda blown away by it. not BG related but a physics thing…which is pretty cool!


Finally, one more note from Essen, Germany (which is really the only tie this has to gaming) –


I can only hope that your grandparents (and mine) are that cool…

I think that’s it for now.

While I’m trying to do this weekly – probably nothing next week as I recover from the jet lag back from Germany.

Until your next appointment,

The Gaming Doctor

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  1. One correction, Dale: The games at Spielwarenmesse are mostly in Halls 10.0 and 10.1, but they leak into other areas as well, with some international game publishers showing up in neighboring halls, HABA in Hall 2, and giants like Hasbro and Mattel having external fortresses complete with armed guards in towers in Hall 12.

    Now back to other trip preparation before I board my flight…

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