New game-based comic available in English – Giocomics

Giocomics, the comic strips of the Italian web-magazine Gioconomicon, by Stefano Castelli and Alan D’Amico, becomes international as it is now translated in English!
With their obsessions and funny habits, Klaus (the German), Bob (the American) and Marco (the Italian) embody the typical gamers profiles. They live their gaming passion, and comment about what’s new and what’s going on in the gaming world. Giocomics is hosted on, the Italian gaming magazine born in 2004.

Stefano Castelli, a devoted gamer and author of boardgames such as Turandot and C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League, writes the lines of the strips; Alan D’Amico, sculptor, illustrator and artist for several boardgames (such as Kingsport Festival, Blue Max, and Everzone) is the author of the drawings.

You can read Giocomics both in English and Italian at this url:
or following the facebook page
The new episodes will be published in both languages from now on.

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2 Responses to New game-based comic available in English – Giocomics

  1. rprasadusa says:

    Could be interesting, although I’m not crazy about the start: these guys are REALLY stereotypes brought to life. Maybe that’s to be expected in a comic (I don’t read comics, have no idea)? I suppose the French guest will want to play totally random, chaotic games that make the others a bit uncomfortable? The Japanese guy will be afraid of components? What’s next, a Jewish guy who always has to play banker? A Christian who won’t play any game with gods or dinosaurs? A girl who … ?

    • rprasadusa says:

      Found the actual comic (not just character intros): cute, and better than expected. The English translation could use some work, though.

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