Friedemann Friese returns from seclusion to design more games

BREMEN, GERMANY – After being relatively silent for the past two months, Friedemann has finally emerged from his seclusion.  In an email conversation with me, he let me know that he had been engaged in some serious in-depth counseling.  As it turns out, he had been having some blurry vision back around Essen, and as soon as the fair was over, he went to get his eyes checked.  As it turns out, Friedemann has a rare from of colorblindness, and he in fact sees most colors as a shade of green.

When made aware that the world was in fact made up of more colors than just shades of green, it threw him for such a loop that he had to remain in a room with stark white walls.  All the furniture in the room were also white in order to reduce any color strain to his eyes.  As it turns out, Friedemann’s favorite color is in fact blue.  2F-Spiele is frantically working on churning out new game boxes to reflect this amazing discovery.


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