Getting ready for the Gathering of Friends.

It’s that time of year again, where 400ish gamers forget that they have real jobs and responsibilities and get together for a week and a half of gaming fun!

(NB: sadly, I can only get away for four full days, but it’s still better than nothing!)

I’ve checked the weather and it looks like it’s going to be a normal awesome upstate New York weather week with high temperatures in the upper 30s. There is apparently a direct link from the Arctic Circle to Niagara.

The car is packed full of games. Most of the invitees to the Gathering bring along some games for play. Here are two of my boxes. I’m still not sure what else I’m bringing nor how much.  Depends when I run out of time tonight and when I run out of space in the car. 


As at Essen , I will be trying to post on the fly from my phone.  Hopefully this works out.  I’ll apologize in advance for the pictures. I’ve never haf awesome luck with the Samsung phone camera, but I’m trying a new camera app this year.

As we do with many of the larger conventions, we’ll suspend our normal one post a day limitation as there will be a number of OG writers in attendance – all of whom might want to write up the games and fun.

Just checked in. No one is in the ballroom yet. Since the weather is nice-ish, I’m heading for the falls. Might even try to find a letterbox or two while I’m enjoying nature.

More later.

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