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Sorry about the last post. A tad short because I can’t remember to change the post to a draft.

After lunch, another prototype. This one is being developed by Zman, with a 2017ish release date if it works out. Of course, it’s pretty early in the development and it’s not even clear if this will make it to production. But this con gives you a chance to play some of the newest stuff.

It’s a pretty solid design though it needs some development still. Sophie is pretty excited about it, so it wouldn’t surprise me either if this snuck in for Essen 16.

A short round of Codenames Pictures to show the game off. It remains popular, though I think I’m no longer thinking it is superior to the word cards, but rather the equivalent.

Then time for smaller card games. First is Siggil


It uses a card drafting technique similar to the mahjong solitaire you’ve played on your computer and then you play sets to collect spirit cards which also pop up out of the Tableau.

It plays quick, but the similar artwork and colors on the cards make it very difficult to figure out which are regular cards and which are the spirit cards.

Then Xenon profiteer from EGG is next, a deck building game about isolating Xenon from air to score victory points


I do tend to like deck builders, so I thought it was a decent addition to the genre.

While we were in the card game mood, another play of the 2F prototype, trying to see some of the legacy like features of it.

It was interesting to see, but I think they’re still developing it. I will be interested to see what how the finished product turns out.

The late afternoon brings on the convention game of playing a game of appropriate length until it’s time to leave for dinner.

Animals on Board hit the table again. A great filler length game.

Here is Herr Eggert watching over his game


Definitely a hit for me.

After dinner, he was kind enough to explain the Gluck Auf grosse kartenspiel.


We’re standing on our head because my camera sucks.


The rules are still preliminary, but it has promise. Unfortunately, since it’s preliminary, can’t say much else other than that now, but I may be cleared to do so later in the week.

Other prototypes here from Eggert.



Finally more new games arrive courtesy of Ken Hill who has apparently ordered a bunch recently.


This is a small set collection card game where you collect colors. On your turn, draw the closest card to the deck or add one to the display. If the total sum is greater than 12,you have to take the entire display. At the end of the game, you score the sum of the numbers of any one color and every other card is worth negative one point.

A decent little fifteen minute game that is reminiscent of Parade.


Here’s my final score of – 2


I’ll put the rest of the day in tomorrow’s post


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