Dale Yu: Quick Essen 2016 Recap – and the reveal of the Haul

Well, back safely from Essen, and with two grueling workdays behind me, time to catch my breath and review the trip.  As usual, we had a great time in Europe, and it was a wonderful 8-day experience.  I did manage to sneak in a visit to Bremen, a city which I had never seen before, and I managed to find a new favorite German sweet, the Bremer kluten.  Which looks like a domino and is the best peppermint patty tasting thing I’ve ever had!

Anyways, on to the games… Here is the pictoral version of the OG 2016 Essen Haul.



The full list follows:

1.       1001

2.       13 Clues

3.       7W Duel Pantheon

4.       Adrenaline

5.       Aeon’s End

6.       Argo

7.       Armageddon

8.       Aurimentic

9.       Aurimentic

10.   Avenue

11.   Bohemian Villages

12.   Bohnanza Das Duell

13.   Bubblee pop

14.   Camel up Cards

15.   Capital

16.   Capital Lux

17.   Captive (book)

18.   Chariot Race

19.   Cottage Garden

20.   Destroy BCN

21.   Dice Stars

22.   Dokmus

23.   Dream Home

24.   Dungeon Rush

25.   Eternity

26.   Fabled Fruit

27.   Fantahzee

28.   Fields of Green

29.   Flamme Rouge

30.   Flick Em Up Plastic

31.   Freak Shop

32.   Fuji Flush

33.   Gluck Auf Card Game

34.   Glux

35.   Great Western Trail

36.   HMS Dolores

37.   Honshu

38.   Hop

39.   Hop le J’ton

40.   Inhabit the Earth boards

41.   Jolly & Roger

42.   Jorvik

43.   Key to the City: London

44.   Keyquemelin expansion

45.   Kilt Castle

46.   Kingdomino

47.   Knights (book)

48.   La Granga No Siesta

49.   Lorenzo Il Magnifico

50.   Mi Tierra

51.   Millions of Dollars

52.   Mondrian the Dice Game

53.   Myths at War

54.   Noch Mal!

55.   Oracle of Delphi

56.   Phalanxx

57.   Planet surprise

58.   Potion’s Brew

59.   Power Grid TCG

60.   Rhodes

61.   Risky Adventure

62.   Round House

63.   Schwupps

64.   Snowblind

65.   Sol

66.   Sola Fide

67.   Sponsio

68.   Take That

69.   The Colonists

70.   Touria

71.   Ulm

72.   Vikingdoms

73.   Virus

74.   X Nimmt!

This second list  is stuff that has come in mail in past 2-4 weeks.

1.       1844/1854

2.       4 Gods

3.       Agricola Family Edition

4.       Airborne Commander

5.       Around the World in 80 Days

6.       Continental Divide

7.       Fight for Olympus

8.       Flow of History

9.       Guns and Steel

10.   Guns and Steel – Renaissance

11.   Haspelknecht

12.   Kanagawa

13.   KO Heroes

14.   Kraftwagen v6 edition

15.   Legends of Andor Journey to the North

16.   London Dread

17.   Morocco

18.   Oceanos

19.   Ocracoke

20.   Order of the Gilded Compass

21.   PaiMiahhh

22.   Planet Defender

23.   Pocket Madness

24.   Red Rock Tomahawk

25.   Rent a Hero

26.   Study in Emerald

27.   Sweet Nose

28.   The Perfumer

29.   Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails



So, as you can see, I’ve got no time for writing now. Gotta punch and bag games, read rules, and get ready to play some games!  I’ll try to write a more detailed recap piece for the weekend, but I’m too excited with all these new games in the house to write!


Until your next appointment,

The Gaming Doctor



About Dale Yu

Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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5 Responses to Dale Yu: Quick Essen 2016 Recap – and the reveal of the Haul

  1. Derek Yeung says:

    Wonder how is this carried in 2 suitcases with limit of 50lbs each.

    I carried about 40 games and that was my limit.


    • Dale Yu says:

      More details to come on the weekend when I have more time to write. But, the short answer is that I was lucky enough to have three bags this year. So the haul is 50% bigger than it should be. Normally, I would have shipped home 25-30kg in a box, but this year it all arrived at once due to the extra bag!

  2. ehanuise says:

    This year, German post had a booth where you could offload it all and get it sent home :-)

  3. That’s a lot of rules to read…

  4. Tim Voetmann says:

    Very impressive! But: No Feast for Odin??

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