Monday at the Gathering 

My last full day at this year’s Gathering. Woke up and was immediately accosted by Friedemann to learn about his new games. Can’t really talk much about them (yet), but I think I’m allowed to say that I played a set of games. They’re fun. Green is involved. The titles all start with the letter F.  It looks like they will be small box games – but I really can’t say for sure.

They are still works in progress, but I’m really impressed with the series of games that we played and REALLY interested in a super early prototype set up for possibly 2018. In any event, I will write up my thoughts on the games now and then wait until 2f lifts the embargo to talk about them. 


Next up – I managed to find Aldie to borrow “my” copy of Magic Maze and play it again.  The game has been the HIT of the show from my perspective – my copy is well worn at this time and has been constantly in play.  It is going with Aldie to make it to BGG.spring.  Not sure what sort of condition it’ll be in when it gets back to me finally, but it’s awesome to see how much enjoyment the game is providing.  (For those of you who are wondering, I did email the folks at Sit Down! and they are expecting it to be in the US distribution channel by early summer…)

The game is still fun, and though I’ve played the starting levels over and over as I’m constantly introducing the game to new players – and to be honest, the quality of the game has become even more and more apparent as I’m really enjoying it playing the basic levels with new players as much, if not more, than with the advanced rules.

One of the other games that I brought, die Garten von Versailles, has also seen a lot of play – I wanted to show this to a few of the other OG’ers here, and managed to find it free for a bit.  I still enjoy the game, and it is one of my current games on my personal short list for SdJ recommendations.  (I think the OG will likely do our usual internal poll on this in the coming months),

Lunch was at one of the dozen Indian/Pakistani/Punjab places within walking distance of the hotel.  That sounds a bit like hyperbole, but it honestly isn’t.  I think there might be more Indian restaurants here than all of London.  Food was decent, but nothing to stand out from any other Indian I’ve ever had here at NF.  Thus, no pictures.

Sat down to learn the new Eggertspiele game tentatively called Reworld.  It’s a outer-space colonization themed game which is honestly pretty unique for the German publishers.  The design team is the fairly well known duo of Kramer and Kiesling.  Game is split into two large phases – in the first, you are playing cards to draft tiles to your colonization ship.  In the second phase, you now unload those tiles from the ship to the surface of your new planet.  It’s a lot to take in on an initial play, but it was interesting.  I’ll defer to other OG’ers who will probably get more chances to play it this week.

(well, at least you get pictures) 

 Finally left the country on my final night to get pizza at my favorite restaurant in Canada.. 

Finished out the night with a quick game of Century and closed the show with three more games of Decrypto, the word game coming from Le Scorpion Masque. 

It was a great trip, and I’m sad that it’s over so soon. Most of the other Opinionated Gamers that are here will stay for longer, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else they play during the rest of the week. 
Until your next appointment, 

The gaming doctor. 





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