chu’ Quj chenmoH Decrypto

toH, isn’t Dochmey motlh mo’ normally tera’ Hol versions Quj reviews neH wIlo’bogh ‘ach je beQDaq case lurIHbogh chenmoH maH. wa’vatlh legh Gathering jup wepDaj ‘op ‘Itlh copies upcoming expansion nob mI’ writers decrypto.

‘ach ghov tlhInganpu’ behavior vaQ, veS rur ghaj. Hembogh DujDaj define characteristic. bladed nuH jI’ovlaHbe’ ‘ej culture lo’laHghach bISuvtaHvIS Hembogh DujDaj raghpu’bogh Hoch latlh pong Hach chaH. chaH greet ‘ej vabDot mate Hoch umqu’ ghot violence ‘ej brutality.

vumnISlu’wI’vamDaq chaH qaStaH chenmoH Segh beings vo’ HaSta jIH cha’ vo’ pobIQ – ‘ach tlhIngan Hol moj ‘ach Qat fictional Hol HochDaq. tagh ‘oH law’ puS nap mu’ Hach james doohan, DawI’pu’ ‘Iv scotty chu’ Original Series. later Hach ‘oH pong marc okrand qaStaHvIS Hol vI’Iprup Qatlh. published qutluch patlh Sovmo’ tlhIngan Hol mu’ghom, ‘ej ‘oH jatlh ghoj, vabDot paq such as HAMLET Epic gilgamesh je mugh vaj tlhIngan fans.

‘ej DaH tu’lu’ boardgame expansion tIv tlhInganpu’. ‘oH QujmeH vInID maH ‘ach mIw, wIchovDI’ vaj piqad laH laD pagh. Hoch ghot’e’, taQ grunt wab chenmoH ‘ej vaj qoch wab grunting je jang lugh interpret tul. luq, DuDwI’ regular Human norms yay ‘ej tay lo’taHvIS layerteS (bogh chunwI’pu’ motlh SuD ‘Iw tlhInganpu’) tlhap Sab maH.

vaj ‘oH ‘e’ mamej fun ‘e’ nob vIvoqHa’ chaw’ pagh laD jIH, ‘a yIqIm ‘oH loy ‘ej QuQ jIH je’ pa’ vay’ pagh ghIq. chaH vay’ choQ chaw’, ‘ach Hoch chaH lach’eghDI’ pIlmoHta’ nuq qar vIghaj pagh qech. toH, yIn neH decrypto box ‘ej ‘op re-gift ‘eb naked trekkie gamer await choQ.

until appointment veb Gaming Qel

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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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6 Responses to chu’ Quj chenmoH Decrypto

  1. Jacob Lee says:

    I’m not sold on this game.

  2. Fraser says:

    Wot the?

    Do you run that backwards and forwards through a machine translator a number of times, or have you been hacked?



    On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 5:14 PM ‘The Opinionated Gamers’ via kf wrote:

    > Dale Yu posted: ” toH, isn’t Dochmey motlh mo’ normally tera’ Hol versions > Quj reviews neH wIlo’bogh ‘ach je beQDaq case lurIHbogh chenmoH maH. > wa’vatlh legh Gathering jup wepDaj ‘op ‘Itlh copies upcoming expansion nob > mI’ writers decrypto. ‘ach ghov tl” >

    • Mikko Saari says:

      The review is in Klingon…

      • Dale Yu says:

        of course! 10 points for Mikko

        Well, this isn’t our usual thing because normally we only do reviews of English language versions of games, but in this case we’re making an exception. While at the Gathering of Friends this spring, a number of our writers were given some advanced copies of the upcoming expansion to Decrypto.

        The Klingons are most recognized for having aggressive, war-like behavior. Combat is their defining characteristic. They developed a bladed weapon called the bat’leth, and their culture values victory in combat above all else. Their greeting and even mating is all about violence and brutality.

        Sure, they are a made up race of beings from a television show from my youth – but The Klingon language has become the most popular fictional language in the world. It began as a few simple words developed by James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty on the Original Series. It was later developed by Marc Okrand in a more complex language. An official Klingon dictionary was published, and fans have learned to speak it, and even translated books such as Hamlet and The Epic of Gilgamesh into Klingon.

        And, now, there is a boardgame expansion for the Klingons to enjoy. We’ve tried to play it, but frankly, none of us can read pIqaD. As a result, we made weird grunting noises and then hoped to interpret our partners grunting noises as the right answer. Of course, we stuck to regular human norms for victory and we declined to take the ritual sacrifice of the losers (which is what normal green blooded Klingons would do).

        I can’t say that it is that much fun given that I can’t read any of the cards, but hey, someone out there will buy it I guess. I really have no idea what would have motivated them to make this deck of cards, but to each their own. For now, this deck will live in my Decrypto box and await some re-gifting opportunity for a Trekkie gamer friend.

        Until your next appointment
        The Gaming Doctor

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