Father in the Messe 2019 – Day 1

We are bere again in the Messe all three of us: Caterina, Francesco and I.

This time reaching Essen was without any real problems. We had to change the hotel since Jung was closed this year but Ruhr Hotel is quite good and close to the Spiele.

Caterina is recording a Video of our trip and I hope to upload it as soon as it is ready (I hope it won’t be too much out of place)

At 9 we were already in and we decided to start with Chartered The Golden Age.

It was a very nice surprise. We really liked the game and the Stroopwafel they offered us. Finally we bought a copy.

It is an economic game where you have to create and expand companies and to manage stocks. In a map with numbered boxes evey turn you have to play a card extending an existing company or creating a new one: this give you money (the value of the company). Than you can buy one or two stocks.

When two companies merge the richest one survive assimilating the small one.

The game is about programming your strategies around the cards you have in your hands (start with 10 in a 3-player Game) and the cards you and opponents are taking fron the Board.

It is really nice

After we stop to try Turbo Gem a good flip Game about mining in the space. It is really nice and i hope it will be published soon

Than we played Coloma and was for all three of us a nice surprise. It’s the Kind of Game you can have multiple strategies to get points and one Game was not enough to Explore so we have to buy it.

There is a nice simultaneosly choice and the Game is really nice.

We than met Friedeman in the all. Almost 20 years are passed since the first time: my hairs now are Grey but His Green is always the same.

No more Game in first part of the afternoon since i travel with the new director of Modena Fiere showing him the Spiel and than i had a meeting in Asmodee to talk about researches and educational Projects using boardgames.

We tried Trimegystus but we didn’t liked it due the bad rules explanation. Probably it is a good game and we will get it another chance.

Than we played La Stanza. Time just for a quick taste but it looks promising. Caterina and I liked it.

We were in bed late after a good dinner.

Our rank:

Chartered the golden age: Francesco 9.5, Caterina 8, Liga 8

Boogie Jumpers: Francesco 6, Caterina 5, Liga 4.5

Coloma: Francesco 6.5, Caterina 8.5, Liga 9

Turbo Gem: Francesco 9, Caterina 7, Liga 8

Museum: Francesco 6.5, Caterina 9

La Stanza: Francesco 6, Caterina 8.5, Liga 8

Snow Ice: Francesco 8.5, Caterina 6.5

See you today in the Messe

About Andrea "Liga" Ligabue

Andrea "Liga" Ligabue is a game expert contributing to many games related international projects including Gamers Alliance Report, WIN, ILSA Magazine and Boardgamenews. Member of the International Gamers Awards Committee is coordinator of Play - The Games Festival and founder of the project Ludoteca Ideale.
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  3. Fraser says:

    I always enjoy the posts, especially as most years I can’t be there! The yearly snapshots of your children growing up :-)

    • Yes. The first time Caterina attend Essen was 10 years ago and she was 8 and my hair was black. Also when Francesco attended the first time he was 8 and I was 10kg less.
      We are all growing up

      • Fraser says:

        Ah yes, the only time we got our entire family there was 10 years ago too, our girls were 11 and 6 at the time. Time flies.



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