3 free print and play games from SdJ nominated designer Stephen Glenn!

Stephen Glenn and I go back a long way – he is in fact one of my first gaming friends made over the Internets. Probably back from rec.games.board. For reasons I honestly cannot remember, I used to call him Snoop, and we used to place Acquire via ASCII emails via my mainframe computer email account.

We go back so far that I don’t even have a picture of us together! Here is a pic with an erstwhile OG contributor, W Eric Martin, on the left, and Mr. Glenn on the right.

His career got off to a rocket hot start with Balloon Cup, and he has had a number of successes since then. And Rattlebones. We recently reviewed his game, Butterfly, here on the blog. Mr Glenn, along with the rest of us, has been cooped up in his house this month, and he has decided to work on a couple of small print and play games which he has released for everyone to enjoy.

The Games (and some notes about them from a brutally short email interview) – all links take you to a google drive directory with the required files within


This one is meant to be a companion game to his football game, 1st and Goal. A somewhat lighthearted baseball game – but this one is a tweener. A bit too heavy for non-gamers yet not quite enough there for a serious baseball fanatic.


A Basketball game which uses a simultaneous play mechanism. This one has been tossed about over the years in Stephen’s head, and just now did it get to the point where he was willing to share it


Admittedly, this one is still a work in progress – the most “beta” of the three games offered here. Says Stephen, “I’m a fan of Tank Duel (GMT) that is inspired by Up Front. So I combined my game with some new ideas inspired by Tank Duel. The result is a very light wargame that I’m pretty happy with.”

They are all small in design and should not involve a lot of cutting. Thanks to Stephen for giving everyone a bit of diversion while we’re all safer at home!

Until your next appointment

The Gaming Doctor

About Dale Yu

Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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3 Responses to 3 free print and play games from SdJ nominated designer Stephen Glenn!

  1. Brandon Kempf says:

    Not even reading the rules first, but I am printing out Legends of the Strike Zone tonight to try out. I need some baseball in my life. :)

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