Opinionated Gamers Spiel Want Lists part 2

Lorna’s Top Essen Wants in no particular order

Renature – I’ve demoed this game at Camp Capstone, fun tile placement game. It’s rather abstract but interesting in a puzzly good way.

Bonfire – I’ve demoed the game on Tabletopia and yes it’s one of Feld’s complex monstrosities but I like it. Lots of choices with each turn.

Cloud Age – Maricaibo fell flat for me but I’m still interested in Pfister games

Lost Ruins of Arnak – Had a rules explanation at Castle Tricon but technical difficulties kept me from playing. Sounds a bit like Quest for El Dorado which is a favorite but this one adds some other mechanisms. Looks good.

Praga Caput Regni – Looks like a nice game on the higher complexity scale.

Hallertau – sure what’s one more Uwe?

Beez – Liked Azul but not Reef. Hope this one makes the cut

Faiyum – sounds like an interesting deckbuilder

Beyond the Sun – Sounds like an interesting game from Rio Grande with tech and worker placement also always fond of space themes

Any Exit games

(Under Falling Skies – this would have been on my list but I wasn’t really interested in the campaign and I wanted a smaller box so I made my own PnP which I am very happy with, really tense little dice game)

(Fogsite – which I already have – it’s a one vs many game. One player is the guardian who makes the maze and the other 3 players try to deduce their way out. I’d order it if I didn’t already own it)

Kickstarters and Essen

Macaroon – like the theme, looks like a cute card game. Looks like it will be a KS for later but being demoed this year

Paris – had kickstarted was/is supposed to release at this year’s Essen, K&K always worth checking out, initially I thought of Porta Nigra because of the round board but this one is tile placement which I like

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