Spiel.digital Tips

Spiel.Digital Tips

So normally a lot of us here at Opinionated Gamers would be writing about traveling to Essen and getting our shopping and demos done. Since Spiel.Digital is new I thought maybe a help list might be needed. 

The first thing I noted is it’s hard to actually find the registration page. Here is a link https://bit.ly/37qz5rl that I hope works. You’ll then receive a confirmation email. You also need to be able to access Tabletopia, BoardGameArena and Discord if you want to play games. Of course awesome reviews from Opinionated gamers and others can found as well discussion with designers and publishers. 

As an added bonus, Registered visitors will find the premium accounts for Tabletopia and BGA via their SPIEL.digital user accounts – this means that you can play all the games for free during the days of SPIEL.digital!

Some publishers like CGE, Heidlbar and Horrible Guild have a separate free sign up https://ti.to/3d-booth/spiel2020 and again you will need Discord.

Some publishers like TaiwanBoardGame Design have a schedule to sign up on already and are playing games now through their Discord server. More info here https://www.tbdgames.com/?lightbox=dataItem-k02h2odu2

Bezier seems to be running everything via their Discord server and Meetup. 

Bezier Games

Louisville, TN
16 Players

This is a group for scheduling and organizing digital demo tables for Bezier Games. We will utilize this for conventions, as well as weekly streaming. We utilize Tabletopia, a…

Next Meetup

Play a Demo of Silver Dagger at Spiel.Digital

Thursday, Oct 22, 2020, 2:00 PM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

The hardest thing for some of us is knowing when to show up.  It appears that most events are listed in UTC.  In case you need help, either Google it or use https://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_UTC.aspx

And, since we’re also the Opinionated Eaters – https://tasty.co/recipe/tornado-potato

Please comment if you have any other tips to share!

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