Weekly Giveaway #1 – Pendulum

OK, we’ve spent a lot of time this year writing up reviews, and frankly, there’s not enough room in the Gaming Basement for all of them…. So, we thought it would be a neat idea to start a series of weekly giveaways where our loyal readers can enter in raffles to win these games! We’d love to see the games end up in homes where they can get played and enjoyed!

First up – Pendulum from Stonemaier Games. Read our review here!

Unfortunately, for the time being, we’re going to limit this to US mailing addresses only. Given the cost of international shipping right now – it might actually cost us more than the value of the game to mail it abroad – and well, we don’t have the budget for that… As long as the game fits into a USPS flat rate box, that’s how we’re going to send it to you.

What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. Enter the contest. If you win, we send you the lightly used game on our dime. There is no cost to enter, no purchase necessary, etc.

How to Enter:

  1. Go to our Instagram and find the post for the giveaway – make a comment to that post, and this is your official entry to the contest. https://www.instagram.com/p/CITc3zShbOt/
  2. Get an extra entry if you tag two friends in your comment.
  3. Get an extra entry if you follow us on Instagra
  4. Finally, get two extra entries by commenting here and make a joke or tell me something interesting about… Pendulums.  (If your WordPress account is different than your Instagram, please let me know what your IG handle is!)

You must comment on the Instagram post to enter!  (I will figure out how many entries there are, draw a random number and then count down that many places to find the winner)

Contest ends Sunday 12/6/2020 at noon Eastern US time.

I will contact the winner via Instagram DM, and the winner has 48 hours to confirm info or else I might have to pick another winner…. Good luck to everyone who enters, and remember you can get up to 5 entries for the contest!

If you really don’t want to use Instagram, don’t worry – our giveaways will be spread out between different social media channels and the blog as far as the main method of entry!

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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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16 Responses to Weekly Giveaway #1 – Pendulum

  1. Dale Yu says:

    Did you know? The world’s longest pendula were two lengths of number 24 steel piano wire, each 1,353.3 m (4,440 ft) long. They were suspended down the number 4 shaft of the Tamarack Mines, near Calumet, Michigan, USA, in September 1901.

  2. Dries says:

    In the days before the advent of the mobile phone, and even when fixed lines were scarce, an engineer’s wife was expecting, and the baby was due any day….The engineer was very confident that it would be a boy, and was eagerly looking forward to the delivery day….
    As fate would have it, he was transferred to another city at the time the baby was due, and had to leave immediately to take up his new post….
    Before going, he asked his father-in-law to send a telegram confirming the birth of his son….
    But in order to avoid giving a party to his office colleagues, he asks his father -in-law to write _”The Clock Has Arrived,”_ and he will understand that the son is born….
    The D-day arrived. His wife delivered a cute little baby girl….
    Now the engineer’s father-in-law didn’t know what to do. If he writes _”The Clock Has Arrived,”_ the son-in-law will think he has a son….
    If he writes _”The Clock Has Not Arrived,”_ the son-in-law will get worried that something serious has happened….
    Being a very intelligent person, he finds a solution, and sends the telegram….
    Son in law received the telegram, opened it eagerly & read….
    “The Clock Has Arrived, But The Pendulum Is Missing.”

  3. Matt Palmer says:

    What did one pendulum say to the other pendulum? I’ll be back

    Instagram @plmr

  4. I don’t have a good joke, but the Museum of Science in Boston has this amazing pendulum clock where they stand little pegs up around the rim of a circle and each swing of the pendulum is worth 1 second. As the day goes by and the earth turns, each peg is knocked over on the hour. So addictive to watch! (IG is rminelga.)

  5. Mike Levanti says:

    The first pendulum clock was created in 1656. Personally I was a little surprised I thought they were much older!

    Instagram: @midwestern_meeple

  6. paschott says:

    A Canadian was observing teaching methods in schools in several African countries.
    In one, she found the children doing a science lesson, timing the swing of a pendulum. The lesson had evidently been prepared in the US as the children were counting “Mississippi one, Mississippi two, Mississippi three…”
    After the lesson the Canadian gave a talk and mentioned that if children in her country were doing this experiment, they would probably use a Canadian word like “Saskatchewan” to do the timing.
    The next day, the Canadian happened to drop in on the class and found them still timing the pendulum’s swing, but today they were counting “Saskatche one, Saskatche two…”

  7. TJ Warren says:

    Awesome that you’re doing this giveaway!!!

    Okay, you wanted me to tell you a joke or something interesting about pendulums. I thought of so many things to say: jokes, fun facts, but I can’t decide which one to share. I guess you could say I’m back and forth on the matter. 😃 Happy day!!!

    Instagram: @gamingwithsuperteej

  8. Nicholas foster says:

    Faucalts Pendulum by Umberto Eco is an amazing read about crazy conspiracy theories! Lots of fun!

  9. andasuqi says:

    A somatic therapist named Peter Levine made up the word “pendulation” to describe the prices of slowly over time training the nervous system to go into states of stress and back out. Back and forth. And going in and out in somatic experiencing sort of builds resilience for the nervous system to pendulate on its own when stressful moments arise! Suuuuper interesting. IG @queertabletops

  10. Nate Schmidt says:

    Pendulums, like good friends don’t have attachment issues (okay, they’re usually strongly attached to one person higher up), are free to come…and go, again and again. They are allowed to move about freely, within very few limits. This is no joke…or is it?

  11. Holden Dasuqi-Flowers says:

    A pendulum is a watch without a face.


  12. geocost1 says:

    Foucault’s Pendulum is WAY better than Name of the Rose.

    An electron and a positron go into a bar.
    Positron: “You’re round.”
    Electron: “Are you sure?”
    Positron: “I’m positive.”

  13. Andrew Granade says:

    Did you know that researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have proposed using a billion millimeter-sized pendulums to act as dark matter sensors? These pendulums would be the first to hunt for dark matter solely through its gravitational interaction with visible matter.

  14. Hannah says:

    I have nothing to add here except…last week I actually penned a culum for my students and it went over QUITE well

    I’ll see myself out

  15. Alexander Petrie says:

    Pendulums are great! Or maybe not so great…I guess you could say my thoughts on pendulums are back and forth.

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