Holiday Gift Guide, Part 9 – Wearables

Well, about a month ago, we (as a group) had a great idea to get a bunch of things written down and provide our readers with a nice gift giving list.  Welp, let’s just say that we didn’t get our you-know-what together…  So, instead of a big list, I have decided to just make some shorter posts with things that catch my eye (or things that I notice to be on sale).   As I make these impromptu posts, I will try to stick to things which can be delivered prior to Dec. 25 — this likely means that they are things in stock on Amazon Prime.  (All the Amazon links here are affiliate links, and the Opinionated Gamers may earn a commission if you buy from those links)

You know, some days you just want to give a gift that allows your gamer friend to proudly display their hobby on their chest (or feet or head or whatever).  So, today, a list of gaming-related apparel mostly on the funny/punny side…

Funny Shirts


Catan Resources –

Let’s Settle this like adults –

This super subtle Settlers shirt –


And the obligatory Keep Calm shirt –

Every group has someone who needs this shirt – Longest Turn –

Or this one…

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Awesome Retro Meeple shirt –

Gloomhaven Resources –


The Genre Meeple –

Ticket to Ride shirt –

Hoarding #1 –

I like meeples more than people –


Rules Reader –

Gamer of Thrones joke –


I know I play like a Girl…

For your RPG friends – yes, they’re real… –


All I want… TtR –

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