Carnegie, Heat, and Cat in the Box Win 2022 Golden Geek Awards

The results of the Golden Geek awards for the 2022 calendar year have just been announced.  The Golden Geeks give Game of the Year (GotY) awards for three categories:  Light, Medium, and Heavy.  Here are the results, together with the designers and publishers:

Light GotYCat in the Box: Deluxe Edition (Muneyuki Yokouchi, Hobby Japan/Bezier Games)
Medium GotY – Heat: Pedal to the Metal (Asger Granerud/Daniel Pedersen, Days of Wonder)
Heavy GotY – Carnegie (Xavier Georges, Quined Games)

The Golden Geeks gives awards for other categories as well and here are the winners for those:

2-Player Game – Splendor Duel
Cooperative Game – Return to Dark Tower
Expansion – Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix
Innovative – Cat in the Box
Party GameReady Set Bet
Print & PlayAquamarine
Solo GameTuring Machine
Thematic GameHeat
WargameUndaunted: Stalingrad
Best PodcastThis Game Is Broken
Best Board Game AppEverdell

Congratulations to all the winners!

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3 Responses to Carnegie, Heat, and Cat in the Box Win 2022 Golden Geek Awards

  1. Jacob Lee says:

    I know “congratulations to the winners” is the appropriate response because they’re all great games, but I still feel like Wonderland’s War deserved a place at the table for one of those categories. That it got beat by Heat twice makes me look at both games and ask myself why is it I would rather play WW every time? And those deluxe coins making those clickety clack sounds is a ridiculously awesome presentation compared to the ridiculously cute presentation of Flamecraft. But I’ll forget about this soon enough because I cannot remember a single Golden Geek from last year.

    • I certainly would have been voting based (or at least heavily influenced by) the mass release version of games rather than deluxe (often via Kickstarter) versions. I haven’t played Heat yet so can’t comment on it.

    • huzonfirst says:

      Wonderland’s War does indeed appear to be a hard-luck loser, Jacob, as it finished second to Heat as both Medium GotY and Best Thematic Game and finished third in Artwork/Presentation. It’s Average Rating on the Geek is very strong, the same as Heat’s. It may be suffering from a bit of a recency bias, as it came out over a year ago and Heat was released at Essen. But a lot more people have rated Heat than WW, so that’s probably why it finished just short. So no wins, but a strong showing nonetheless.

      BTW, just to refresh your memory, last year’s Golden Geek winners were pretty good: Ark Nova, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, and Cascadia. Well worth remembering! :-)

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