Heat, Cat in the Box, and Challengers Win 2022 Meeples Choice Awards!

The Meeples Choice Awards for the 2022 calendar year have been announced.  The voters three favorite games from last year are:


In a closely fought vote, Carnegie and Tiletum were the closest competitors to the winning games.  Rounding out the top 10 were Return to Dark Tower, Revive, Akropolis, Planet Unknown, and Dice Realms.

Heat’s appearance at the top of the list is not a surprise, as it has been the most popular of the games that debuted at the last Essen fair and broke into the Geek 100 a month and a half ago.  Challengers! is one of the three nominees for the SdJ’s Kennerspiel award and is considered the odds-on favorite to win.  Cat in the Box was originally released in Japan back in 2020, but with only a tiny number of copies, it was impossible to find.  Gamers only really became aware of it following the release of the Deluxe Edition last year.

So congratulations to designers Asger Granerud, Daniel Pedersen, Muneyuki Yokouchi, Johannes Krenner, and Markus Slawitscheck.  It’s a group that hails from all over the world–Denmark, Japan, and Austria–showing once again how international the modern gaming scene has become.  Congrats as well to the winning publishers:  Days of Wonder, Bezier Games, and 1 More Time Games.

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2 Responses to Heat, Cat in the Box, and Challengers Win 2022 Meeples Choice Awards!

  1. Jacob says:

    Wow, I got nothing here. I think I might like Revive if I played it, but I was a non-factor for the top 3.

  2. huzonfirst says:

    That’s okay, Jacob, I voted for the games that just missed (Tiletum, Carnegie, and Revive). I also love The Green Fivura, but I was tickled that it even got nominated. Heat is also very good, just not one of my top 3.

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