Gen Con 2023 – Invincible: The Dice Game

There was a surprising number of games at the convention based around the Invincible comic, a son-of-Superman type comic set in the slightly darker/more graphic Image Comics (not DC and not Marvel) universe. Mantic Games was showing off the push-your-luck Invincible: The Dice Game.

Invincible: The Dice Game

Players take on the role of Invincible as he battles various baddies from the comic (and presumably the new video series on Amazon Prime.) Players start their turn by flipping over an opponent card from the deck. A card displays its health (top right), the victory point value (upper left) and the damage it will deal back if not defeated right away. There are occasional special abilities.

The goal is to roll dice to generate hits which are applied to the face-up villain. Generate equal or greater than the card’s health and you can set it aside as defeated. However, any dice rolled are also set aside for that turn. If the card is not defeated, the player takes the damage shown on the card and must roll again with new dice. Once a villain is defeated, a player may continue with flipping up the next card in the villain deck (and again, and again) to win more fights but if they ever take more than three total damage for the turn or run out of dice without defeating a villain (remember dice are used up after each roll) they lose all their defeated villains gained on this turn.

Strategy comes in on when players are deciding on which dice to roll. A player always has a single blue dice but can then add in up to three dice out of their pool of 12. The six yellow dice have the fewest hits while the 3 orange, 2 red, and single black die have increasingly large numbers of hits. The black die can even roll 4 hits on one side.

The blue die is always rolled and it has a variety of faces. It may protect against any retaliation, allow a die reroll, even double the value of the hits rolled. Since it is rolled every time, it does allow a player to go for a long shot if necessary late in the game. I don’t have written down the game end condition, but if I recall correctly you simply went through the entire deck.

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  1. Jeffary says:

    looks ALOT like the Mantic Hellboy the Dice Game…hmmm

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