Gen Con 2023 – Flock Together

It was literally my last few steps of the convention. I was underground and headed south to my car when I came upon a brightly colored booth with assorted colorful pieces in bowls. The inhabitants (Sea Cow Games) issued a challenge. They could explain their upcoming game in 30 seconds. Challenge accepted! I stopped for a few minutes to check out Flock Together, a chicken-themed cooperative adventure, coming to Kickstarter on September 12th.

The premise of Flock Together has players taking on the role of chickens, banded together to protect their happy little farm-village. Each chicken is unique, with 11 different (asymmetric) chickens available.

There is trouble brewing in farm-land (my title) and that’s due to the four (picked from 10) villains predators who have come to DESTROY wreck havoc on the poor little chickies.

Both the chickens and the predators are managed using cool, spiral-bound booklets. As players “level up”, all they have to do is turn the page. However, the bad guys also get to level up. If they aren’t kept in check they will also slowly grow in strength. Fend off the invaders by the end of the third season and the chickens can declare victory.

The “booth-people” (not to be confused with the Village People, they were clearly missing the police-cop guy, OK probably more than that) were keen to show off all the fancy bits.

This included the fancy chicken-die that was pipped so it would look like a chicken when seen at a specific angle.

His final parting cry was for me to guess the KS price. Alas, I had already closed my notebook so I don’t have it written down. My best recollection is $70, which would be pretty good for all the wood bits and spiral bound booklets.

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