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A Review of Fine Sand. Sort of. Well, more so than it’s _not_ a review of Fine Sand, at least.

Fine Sand Designed by Friedemann Friese and published by 2F Spiele and Stronghold Games Disclaimer: Played twenty-two times on a review copy of the game. Disclaimer to the disclaimer: While I understand entirely why everyone is expected to state up … Continue reading

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Essen for Agoraphobes

Before I get to my main topic, I thought it worth mentioning just how it was that – five years after stating that I did not expect to return to Spiel – I did return.  In the end, it all comes down … Continue reading

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Early Thoughts on Spiel’18 Games

For the second time in my life I attended the Internationale Spieltage in Essen this year.  But, having learned from my previous experience the first time – I headed back home early, and just spent the day playing a bunch … Continue reading

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Making of Lone Sevens

You can thank – or blame, take your pick – Dale for this article; he suggested that I write it up. Lone Sevens is a solitaire game I designed recently.  Ever since Rattlebones was released, I’ve thought that there were … Continue reading

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Review of Q.E.

Designed by Gavin Birnbaum and published by Cubiko Games One of the central aspects of auction games is the limits on capital.  Which has many advantages, in terms of game play – but this also introduces a artificial limitation into … Continue reading

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Book Review – Fascination: The Lifetime Boardwalk Adventure

Fascination: The Lifetime Boardwalk Adventure Written by Randy Senna and self-published —– Fascination was once a staple of American amusement parks, as ubiquitous as Skee-Ball.  Often referred to as “Bingo with balls”, a Fascination table is a long, inclined table, … Continue reading

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