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Alan How: First thoughts on Trade on the Tigris

Trade on the Tigris Designer: Geoff Engelstein & Ryan Sturm Publisher: TMG Players: 3-6 Ages:10+ Time: 60-90 minutes Times played:once with a purchased copy €50 Many years ago the original Civilisation game was created by Francis Tresham and several clever … Continue reading

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Simon W’s 2nd set of Essen First Takes

Blackout: Hong Kong Rating: I love it!There was massive demand to play this gem – high expectations for the next Alexander Pfister – Eggert game following Great Western Trail which remains a personal favourite for me.Blackout Hong Kong is quite … Continue reading

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Simon W’s first takes of Essen 2018 Games

ReefRating: I love it!Abstract Game from Plan B where you are able to draw “recipe” cards from a common display. Playing them will allow you to put down two pieces on your coral reef (in one of 4 different colours) … Continue reading

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Review of Frontier the Card Game – Meet Me At The Table Games

Frontier the Card Game 1-4 players, 30-90 minutes Publisher:  Meet Me at the Table Games Designer:   Joshua McMurray Review by:  Ted Cheatham Review Copy Welcome to the old west, Frontier the Card Game!  This game is a multi-player solitaire adventure … Continue reading

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Anonymous report – Baggie Controversy!

***Breaking News*** Founder and editor of  Bagging Monthly, Ted Alspach, has been caught breaking bagging protocols.  Our crack undercover reporter has obtained photographic evidence of  his scandalous bagging practices. In direct conflict with the  principles of his previous published works … Continue reading

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Zong Shi – Review (updated)

[Editor’s Note: This review originally ran 3/15/12, but is being reposted as there are a few other writers who were able to contribute to the review] Design by:  Kevin Nunn Published by:  Gryphon Games 3 – 5 Players, 90 minutes … Continue reading

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