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Legacy of Yu: Solo Review

Let’s start with a trio of caveats and a bold summary statement: Caveat #1: The good folks at Garphill Games describe Legacy of Yu as a “solo-only, fully-resettable, nonlinear campaign game in which you step into the role of the … Continue reading

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Circadians: A First Look at First Light & Chaos Order

We were light years from our home, galaxies away, when we first discovered this ancient celestial body, a planet filled with intriguing, intelligent lifeforms, not too unlike our own. Some built kingdoms below the surface of the green seas, while … Continue reading

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Chris Wray: What I Enjoyed Playing in April 2020

This is the April entry for my long-lost series where I post five games I enjoyed playing in the past month for which I didn’t have time to do full reviews.  As always, I limit it to five titles, of which there’s … Continue reading

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