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(日本語全く話さないし、読み書きしない私がどうやって英訳してるかについての話。昔ドイツゲームを輸入して翻訳してた人たちに響いて欲しいと願っています。) [Today’s post will be slightly different than you were expecting.  My friend Yuto Fujikawa (https://twitter.com/YutoFujikawa) has graciously translated this article into Japanese, and we wanted to share. The original post in English is available at this link.] 私の家の吹き抜けに草間彌生の絵が飾ってあります。それは雑誌の切り抜きをフレームに入れたもので家族や友人ではない人物の唯一の写真です。(ちょっと変に思われるかもしれませんが、私はぜElvis や … Continue reading

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Creating Translations for Imported Games

(in which I mostly talk about what I do to cobble together English language translations for Japanese games when I don’t speak, read, or write any Japanese and where I also hope that some folks will chime in with what … Continue reading

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