I’ll have a glass of your finest…

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3 Responses to I’ll have a glass of your finest…

  1. Dale Yu says:

    What about:

    Mr. Jack and Coke?

  2. Chris Schreiber says:

    My apologies for some of these…

    Incan Goldschläger
    Forbidden Long Island Ice Tea
    Black & Tannhäuser
    Zooloretto Sour
    Bloody Mare-y Nostrum
    The Werewolves of Miller’s Light
    Axis & Ales

    And, of course, things get a little crazy when people start doing:
    Body Schotten Totten and Othello Shots

  3. jeffinberlin says:

    You need an Aaron Weissbier to go with the Alan Moonshine.

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