Weekend Recap – 2 week’s worth!

Somehow we missed the weekend recap last weekend.  Here’s what we’ve talked about over the past 14 days.

  • Sun 2/27 – Mary Prasad reviews Navegador
  • Mon 2/28 – Larry Levy continues his Designer of the Year series
  • Tues 3/1 – Greg Schloesser looks at London
  • Weds 3/2 – Tom Rosen examines Cause and Effect in Games
  • Thurs 3/3 – Dale Yu reviews Cargo Noir
  • Friday 3/4 – Matt Carlson looks at a bunch of kids’ games
  • Sunday 3/6 – Jeff Allers’ latest Postcard from Berlin: Learning from Hollywood
  • Monday 3/7 – Valerie Putman reviews the expansion for Hansa Teutonica
  • Tuesday 3/8 – Jonathan Franklin reviews Merkator
  • Weds 3/9 – Doug Garrett reviews the second Steding game this week, Firenze
  • Thurs 3/10 – Larry Levy looks at upcoming games in Rebirth of Sprin
  • Fri 3/11 – Greg S. reviews Vicious Fishes

Other regular features include Board2Pieces and humor from Matt Horn…


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2 Responses to Weekend Recap – 2 week’s worth!

  1. Marco Wong says:

    Thanks you guys for the hard work!
    Just 1 question: where is the missing Grand Cru review?

  2. Dale Yu says:

    Marco, it got held up in customs. Should be out next week once we are done with Japan week!


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