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A sampling of what people are saying about the con in the Twittersphere – you can think of each as a 140-character glimpse of the goings on in Dallas!  You can see what’s being played, and sometimes get super mini one-sentence reviews of games..

#bggcon is pretty much #mageknightcon for me at this point
Digging Belfort so far, enjoying the tension with multiple workers. #bggcon
Heard the rules to Alba Longa but abandoned to play A Few Acres of Snow with @pmanoff, who was kind enough to offer to teach. #bggcon
Hey, #bggcon : the buffet across the street at the Doubletree is $2 cheaper for basically the same fare. Nothing special.
Homesteaders is now $30 USD (reg $50) in the FunAgain store #bggcon
More Kingdom Builder. More Dungeon Petz. #bggcon
Who’s in the middle of Trinity ballroom at #bggcon with a bunch of games to demo? Fireside!
Playing Last Will at #bggcon Really interesting game of mis-spending a fortune.
People are already setting up for Proto Alley. Gonna be a good day. #bggcon
Bad news: #westindfw pipes bang when people are in the shower. Good news: #bggcon attendees are showering.
Have already seen several query/pitch equivalents being made to publishers here at #bggcon. 1200 attendees!
I played Vanuatu, A Fistful of Penguins, Kalimambo, and Last Will at #bggcon yesterday. I look forward to playing different games today.
Wargames! Hellenes (GMT) yesterday was awesome. I need a fan back home, so that i can get better at it. #bggcon
In Ruins: Andy Van Zandt post-apocalyptic prototype w/novel ideas. More cube-pushy than I prefer. Great chat w/designer afterwards! #bggcon
@boardgamegeek games I only play at #bggcon are: kapitan wackelpudding, cash and guns live, times up, assorted rediculous Essen toy games
Day 2 #bggcon. 9 games (7 new to me). Favorite new game = City Tycoon. Also Ubongo 3-D = most stressful game since Bananagrams.
The final game of the evening was A Fistful of Penguins, a combo of LCR, Yahtzee, Geranimals, and Craps. #bggcon
Gnomes of Zavendor is pretty cool, if you like the franchise. Not a big Scepter fan myself, but I like Mines & Gnomes quite a bit. #bggcon
#bggcon is officially a convention now. Leon’s playing Zoff In Buffalo. :)
Hawaii — Scoring threshold harder each turn like PoF. Rewards for spending money–but then you have less money. Interesting! #bggcon
Master Merchant–Deckbuilding w/o the deck. Limited card options won’t make for varied games. Game encourages gang-up-on-the-leader. #bggcon
Walnut Grove–Resource collection game where you try to stay ahead of feeding curve. Liked tile placement. Worried it might get old. #bggcon
Vanuatu — High screwage factor plus not enough options available makes this one fall flat for me. Clever, though. #bggcon
ESCAPE: Curse Of The Mayan Temple will be released in Feb at Nuremberg Toyfair. #bggcon
Friedemann Friese’s Fauna is Wits & Wagers with animals. Okay, no need to play again. Would be good for kids. #bggcon
Just tried (and LOVED) fried pickles for the first time at Razzoo’s. Yum. #bggcon
I have set sail for Hawaii at #bggcon This is on my must list own this Christmas. Good job Hans Im Gluck!
#bggcon #bgg2011 Confusion is a great 2-player deduction game with great components. One of the hits of the show so far 4 me.
I love that the hotel restaurant is full of geeks eating … And playing games #bggcon
Just picked up a copy of Road to Canterbury from @EagleGames at #bggcon those guys rock!!!
Lost in an *epic* battle of Tichu! After 2 hands, we were down 0-700! Fought our way back to 945-955 going into the last hand! #bggcon
More later in the weekend…

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