Lorna’s Best of 2011 List

My Best of 2011

Well 2011 is almost over so I thought I’d contribute my version of the Best of 2011. I remembered to record at least 321 different games played this past year (I don’t record my online games just F2F games). So without further ado here we go!

Best new “how to make your opponents unhappy game”Vanuatu, this game rocks in making a player’s turn miserable either by the game or your opponents forcing you to do a null action but you feel, oh so smug, when a turn works perfectly. One of the most challenging Euros to come out recently.

Best use of dice this yearThe Castles of Burgundy (also game most likely to force me to buy some reading glasses), one of the few games where you actually don’t want to roll doubles too often.

Best artDrum Roll, I love the theme and the brightly colored artwork really captures the circus flavor. Not much in the way of new mechanisms, the game still pleases like your favorite comfort food.

Best caricature of a deck building gameMaster Merchant, no shuffling required! Clever hand building game that doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Best fillerMondriaan 2020, nice quick 2-player tile placement.

Best game I’ve only played once but really, really want to play againOra et Labora, may very well replace Agricola and Le Havre for me.

Best abstractsCoerceo, easy to play and nice looking, reminiscent of GIPF Project games, Shibumi for its versatility.

Best 5 player gameLancaster, love the interaction in a 5 player game. All the mechanisms fit well together.

Best card gameTournay, I have to admit I wasn’t that impressed my first few plays, but the game has changed my mind. I like the drafting and card interaction.

Best chaotic, random, super silly game I’m not embarrassed to admit I like gameKalimambo, it has a rhinoceros and elephant poo tokens, need I say more?

Honorable mentions: Pantheon – best game with the most gods and Dungeon Petz – best game with the coolest monsters.

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  1. Don’t like feeling miserable nor smug opponents! This is why I didn’t like Vanuatu :) I think if I could have gotten Lancaster to the table as a five player game I would have kept it, and I would certainly be willing to play it as a five player game again even though I sold my copy. Your comment on Tournay means I may eventually get it if/when it gets over here. Thanks.

  2. el_mago8 says:

    Great blog!!!
    Nice to see other game blogs. Im adding you to my blog roll right now.

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