Dale Yu: 2nd GoF Post – what’s being played now

Well I’ve had a few emails asking me what else is being played.  I think many people here would agree that there isn’t that much new going on.  At least, not a lot new from Nurnberg.

Santa Cruz from Hans im Gluck is here, and it’s been played a lot.  Also, there is currently a 1st & Goal tournament going on right now (R&R games).  Other new(ish) games here:

  • Indigo
  • Waka Waka
  • Targui
  • Bohnanza wurfelspiel
  • Tanzen Wanzen
  • Vegas
  • Keltis Wurfelspiel
  • Zooloretto Wurfelspiel
  • Africana
  • Pix

There are also about 100 new prototypes here – some from game companies planning on a upcoming release (mostly Essen ’12) as well as many games which are being shopped around with all the game companies here.  Of course, the general rule here is: Don’t say anything about prototypes or show pictures unless you have permission.  So, I won’t be the first guy to write about the Gathering and not be able to talk a lot about the games that I’m playing this week!

But there’s definitely a bunch of old stuff being played right now too.  While my game of Aquileia is going on, I quickly walked around and snapped a few pictures of the tables closest to me.


Last Will (starring Sharon Madden)

Merchant of Venus

Edo – with OG’er Jennifer Geske

Waka Waka (aka Fozzie Bear’s favorite game)


Burgunder Burgend von Burgundy

Casa Grande

My game of Aquileia

OG’er Erik Arneson losing at the 1st & Goal tournament.

Marty Hoff (surprisingly not at the Casino) playing Ora et Labora

3 or 4 guys named Simon playing Belfort. And Mario P who is apparently a big supporter of Borussia Dortmund

The most beautiful table at the Gathering. Oh, and they’re playing Hawaii

Kris Gould’s new prototype… Well, what I was allowed to show you of it.  (Remember that a lot of them have to stay secret!)

Mage Knight (I think they’ve been here since about breakfast)

The lunch game.

D-Day Dice

Not pictured: Lords of Waterdeep – which has received a lot of play this week, but isn’t in play right now.

Well, that’s what’s going on now. More later hopefully.

Until your next appointment

the Gaming Doctor

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8 Responses to Dale Yu: 2nd GoF Post – what’s being played now

  1. Wolf Wittenstein says:

    Thanks, Dale, finally pictures of smiling friends at the gathering.

    • Dale Yu says:

      Wolf, you’re welcome! Can’t wait to catch up with you at Essen… And, I must admit that you were right – Village was worth the wait. Finally got a chance to play it at GoF, and I certainly enjoyed my first play of it

  2. Awesome pictures. I was surprised to see a person I play games with in a picture. I will have to bug him for some cool stories next time he hosts games night.

  3. Actually, Eric is on his way to the 1st & Goal tournament finals… over the ruins of my once-successful team. (sigh)

  4. anye says:

    Sad I am missing it this year :(

  5. Nice picture of Ray Pffeifer, my old boss, in the last picture.

  6. erikarneson says:

    What Mark said! Just so the record is clear (not that I’m bragging or anything), I *won* the 1st & Goal tournament…

  7. Janna Nelson says:

    I want to be back at that table playing Hawaii!

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