News from Italy: end of September update

As promised here I’m with some interesting news about Italian market and games.

giodellannoItalian Game of the Year nominations

First of all the announcement of the 5 games nominated for the first Italian Game of the Year selection. After 20 years the Lucca Comics & Games Best of Show shut down and will be replaced by “Gioco dell’Anno” (Game of the Year).

After more than two months of playtest with several groups and an intense exchange of opinions on a reserved forum, the nine members of the jury of “Gioco dell’Anno” (Italian Game of the Year) nominated

Augustus (Hurrican/Oliphante) by Paolo Mori
Mondo (Pegasus Spiele/dV Giochi) by Michael Schacht
Room 25 (Matagot/Asterion Press) by François Rouzé
The Island (Asmodee/Asterion Press) by Julian Courtland-Smith
Tokaido (Fun Forge/Asterion Press) by Antoine Bauza

The winner will ba announced monday 14th October after the two days of jury member meeting.

RomoloRemoRomolo o Remo! Contest by Giochix

Make a picture re-creating the box cover of Romolo o Remo? and send it to all pictures will be published on website and the most voted will gain some Giochix games! Games will be sent at your home without any cost.
In addition, all participants can come to stand at Essen Fair (1C123) to show their picture (printed or simply on a cellular phone or tablet). will reward with an official Romolo o Remo game die (until available).

All the details on the official contest page.

savageworldsSavage Worlds Italian: create a new Savage World in 3 pages

An interesting new from RPG Italian scene. Soon will be published the Italian edition of Savage Worlds, one of the most successful RPGs on the market. To celebrate that the Italian publisher decided to announce a contest to invent a new “savage world” in 3 pages of text. Of course the contest is for Italian manuscripts. Here all the details.

Dice Run rules available online

Kaleidos games make the Dice rules available online. Here the link to the 4 languages official rules

agd_gente4Asterion Gaming Days: an incredible success

3 Days of games with more than 400 gamers attending. The first edition of the Asterion Gaming Days has been an incredible success. Here the official press-release from Astrion Press. 32 finalist for the first Italian Twilight Struggle Tournament. More than 60 participants to the other Asterion tournaments.

A demo are with more than 50 demonstrators, part from Asterion staff and part from La Tana dei Goblins, Italian greatest gamers community.

Here a great video realized by La Tana dei Goblin

Soon with more updates from Italy

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3 Responses to News from Italy: end of September update

  1. AED says:

    I haven’t read a solitary positive review of Tokaido yet it nominated for a Game of the Year? Odd!

  2. Tokaido is a nice family game. It rank on BGG is not bad and I think it really works well in introducing new people to boardgaming.

    The “gioco dell’anno” announcement says “Scopo del concorso “Gioco dell’Anno” è promuovere e valorizzare il gioco come bene culturale nelle famiglie e nella società” that means “Aim of this contest is to promote and value game as cultural activity both in family and in society” and than it says, in the first criteria of evaluation “Verrà valorizzata la capacità del gioco di diventare un portale d’ingresso nel mondo del gioco e di spingere il gioco come fenomeno nella società” that means “it will be valued the ability of the game to become a gateway in the world of gaming and push the game as culture phenomenon”.
    I have to say that not all the games where concurring for Italian Game of the Year but just the game publishers decided to register. The full list of games examined by the jury this year is here

    good play

  3. ianthecool says:

    Is The Island just Survive, or is it some sort of variation or spin-off?

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