Review? of Koryŏ

Our fearless leader Dale, not thinking straight
Asked for reviews with an iambic fate
As I had signed up to review Koryŏ
I had to try a more poetic go

Designed by Gun-Hee Kim for Moonster Games
He seems destined for many future fames
Koryo is played across just eight short rounds
(Though unlike Escape sans accompanying sounds)

Each round each player receives a new hand
Containing one card fewer each time, and
Then each chooses one type of card to play
But all must discard down (to more each day)

Mid-game, the most of each card gives an aid
To help the owner’s hopes to never fade
End-game, the most of each card gives a score
And ties? Nothing for now and evermore

Two special cards add tension to the sport
Assassins and their lobbyist cohort
The former kill; the latter cause a trade
But each costs points; one per attack they’ve made

So is this a game worth your seeking out?
If you like fillers, then without a doubt
It’s quick, unique, and quite easy to learn
And players are involved with every turn

While player aids would help, they’re not required
(Though they’d be nice, if you are so inspired)
Upon completing your very first play
It’s likely you’ll go again right away

Thoughts from other Opinionated Gamers:
Nathan Beeler:
Keep your iambs, here’s a limerick,
A poetic form my wee brain can lick.
Everyone should know
There’s evil in Koryŏ.
Hitting my friends makes me feel like a decidedly not nice person.

Ratings from the Opinionated Gamers:
I love it! – Joe, John P
I like it – Ben, Lorna, Jennifer, Eric, Dan
Neutral – Ted, Nate
Not for me – Doug, Mary P

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2 Responses to Review? of Koryŏ

  1. Ben (chally) says:

    I didn’t want to ruin Joe’s carefully crafted pentameter with my (typically rambling) commentary. But I would like to take a moment to mention that I greatly enjoyed my one play of Koryo and was eager to play it again as soon as the game ended (unfortunately, it was not to be). The game is quite simple and yet quite clever – enough so, that I purchased a copy for myself at a time where I’m primarily trying to shrink my collection. I agree that it would benefit from a player aid, since the symbols do not attempt to be representational. But other than that singular flaw, this seems like a perfect filler-length game (note: not just a time-filler, but a worthwhile game that is filler-length).

  2. Marc Gilutin says:

    I can’t reply
    Cause I can’t rhyme
    I’ll try again
    Some other evening.

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