OG Reader #3

More misc. links collected by the OG writers that caught our eye – I will admit that I’m not sure how long this series will keep going… Why?  Well, the geniuses at BGG have come up with their own internal link roundup, the BGG Weekly


It’s pretty darn good, and it is curated by Brad Cummings (with assistance from the rest of the admins) – I would highly recommend subscribing to it…  We will certainly try to not duplicate BGG links from the Weekly!

1) I know that a number of gamers have used IKEA shelves as cheap, sturdy game storage.  If you were thinking about expanding your system, you might want to stock up now.  IKEA may be discontinuing the EXPEDIT shelving system.


2) I don’t normally watch videos, just this was interesting –

Pulsipher Boardgame Design Three kinds of games and game fans: Math, People, Story

Categorizing aspects of game design in groups of two or three frequently promotes critical thinking. Here’s one attempt (via a short video) to categorize game players by the nature of the games they prefer. http://youtu.be/8680nw61VWM

3) An intersting look at Game Format: Competitive, Cooperative, and Semi-Quasi-Collaboration Games

by Oliver Kiley


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