HP got games with Ventonuovo

western_front_map_webI don’t know if this could be a new frontier of the print-and-play or just a singular event but I think it is something of interest to talk about. It was announced during last edition of PLAY: The Games Festival but got not a real widespread diffusion. What do you think about it ? Which future for the print-and-play if HP, the printer producer par excellence, directly support/produce games ?

The 15th of March 2015 Ventonuovo Games announced the launch of its new World War I historical wargame series named “1914: The World at War” which will depict some of the events that shook the world a 100 years ago. Thanks to a partnership with Hewlett-Packard, the game will be offered in its full version through HP web-connected Printers starting July 2014. Historical facts and maps, rules, and a tutorial will be available to HP web-connected printer owners with an Internet connection, free of charge. Customer can access at HPConnected.com (in the US, UK, Germany or France) or at ePrintCenter.com.


“1914: The World at War is an amazing addition to our list of “Printables” which offer our users high-quality content in the simplest way, delivered directly to their printer. Not only is the game simple and addictive, it provides an incredible amount of details and background research” says Laurent Molveau, Business Development Manager at HP.

“1914: The World at War” is a series of wargames played over detailed and colorful maps, with over than the 600 combat formations that historically fought the battles for Serbia, Galicia, France and East Prussia.

Ventonuovo Games was a well-known wargames publishers thank to the Block in the East series.

I hope in the next weeks to be able to write more details about this game.

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