Liga: Dungeon Bazar preview with some designer notes

DungeonBazarDesigner: Simone Luciani, Daniele Tascini e Paolo Cecchetto
Publisher: Cranio Creations
Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Time: 50 minutes

(preview from the rules and play-test on an updated version of the game)

I’m really curious about Tzolk’in theme new design so I tried to get as soon as possible informations.Since I’m sure I’ll not be able to play the final version of Dungeon Bazar before Essen and it is now quite different from the prototype I got months ago I decided to go throuhgt the rules (English and Italian) and ask Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino (publisher and also deeply involved in the development of the game) something about this interesting Euro in a typical Cranio’s outfit.

Overview of the game
Players are merchants trying to get the right equipment to sell to heroes willing to enter a dungeon and fight the dragon. The board is a 9 tiles randomly assembled map with each room connected to others by open/closed doors. Inside the rooms weapons, spells, armors and other equipments. During the turn a player can make up to three actions and the round goes over until all player pass. Action are movement, open closed doors and place goblins. Goblins actually are used to control an area and, in the end of turn, the player with most goblins will get the better cards. Cards are objects that will be sold to the heroes revealed in the beginning of the turn. So, summarizing, you have to look what heroes are looking for and compete with other merchants trying to get the best cards and make the best deal. Ogres, dragons, including the baby-one, and accountants make the whole thing a bit more lively. Than a second seasons: new heroes and new equipments and than a third one. In the end the richest merchant will be the winner.


[Liga] Dungeon Bazar seems to be a not streamlined area-control game where you have to fight to get the best equipment, being first in the choice order. You get gold for selling equipments to heroes (that is the main mechanic in the game) but also in other situations and it could be happen you have to expend money. How much does this “surrounding” situations will weight for the victory.

[Lorenzo] In Dungeon Bazar is important to assess how how much to spend, be able to make actions in the shortest possible time and sell more expensive. items than others. It is not easy to win in the end spending more during the game!



[Liga] The theme and how the rules are wroten, including the nice Burp-Merchant exchange remember me Dungeon Lords. How much Vlaada Chvatil games influenced you ?

[Lorenzo] His games have affected everyone, it is an honor this comparison. We hope to be able to transmit to players the deep setting that we wanted to give to the game and hope that the background is clear and the story entertain all how entertains us writing it!

[Liga] Was the game developed around the theme or you added it later on an already developed mechanic ?

[Lorenzo] Thanks for the questions. There is an eternal debate on this. Let’s say that the game was born from a mechanical and then we built everything else on a setting dear to us (Dungeon)

[Liga] Dungeon Bazar is played in 3 seasons. How much Season one differs from Season two and three ? Are you actually playing a story with a start and an end or actually playing the same story three times ?

[Lorenzo] Yes, first of all each seasons have a different playset, and different heroes that came to the bazar. Actions and objectives are same for 3 seasons


[Liga] It looks like spells are really strong and can really alter the Season resolution. Isn’t it ?

[Lorenzo] Have you ever hear about Dungeons and Dragons without magic? Spells are of course very powerful, but like all powerful spells, only the power players will be able to use them in the better way. I’ve said too many times powerful?

[Liga] Every merchant has 2 different power. How long have you tested it ? There is a particular choice/combination you suggest for the first game ?

[Lorenzo] It has been really a long work; we tried a lot of different combinations, and we believe that the result will offer you a game with so many twists that plays different every time.

[Liga] Thank you. See you in Essen

Here the promo that Cranio will be offer getting Dungwon Bazar in Essen at their Hall 1-booth-A118.

fustella promo

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