Weds first post

Huge Geister Geister


5 euro bill for scale


Back of the orongo box makes it look like Africa, no?

There is a new dominion set coming out from ASS in Germany. Cards you can mark up yourself, the prince promo and a few other things, coins, shiny cards and more


Note that it is fan edition 1… Which means maybe there will be more. 


Socks by zoch


Gaia by Tiki editions.

It is really neat.  Played it at the stand. I have a copy now.  Only 98 left to buy. Almost all were preorders.

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  1. Garry Lloyd says:

    Orongo does look quite a bit like Africa but, as it’s a bidding game, it’s clearly different. It’s one of my most anticipated games of the fair. Hopefully, I’ll bump into you while I’m there tomorrow or Friday.

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