Thursday part 2

At the Asmodee press event

Loony quest looks awesome. Lots of fun.


Sadly, it will not be available for this show.  I am eagerly awaiting this one.  Hopefully Asmodee usa will do it!

Round 2 of the hotel shuffle


Went back to the fair, played some games at the zoch Noris booth. Zombie mania is a dice game. 


Grog Island from Eggert looks nice.


Then time to head to the Carrera booth for some press stuff for Flizz & miez

Little typo issue but no biggie



The fragor’s and their new game.  I have no idea why they’re not both in costume…

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5 Responses to Thursday part 2

  1. Grog Island looks cool… man, I’d be scared of pieces rolling off the table into that grate though! :)

  2. leefisher says:

    Eric had said
    One result of the simultaneous licenses, however, is that Libellud’s Loony Quest won’t be distributed in the U.S. because Doodle Quest has the rights for that market

    • Dan Blum says:

      I’m still wondering how different the two games are. Loony Quest has a bunch of parts Doodle Quest doesn’t, so it’s presumably more complex, but it would be nice to get a comparison of how the two games play (sometime, not in the middle of the fair).

  3. realm of wonder looks interesting

  4. Only one brother in costume? Shock, horror!

    Are we talking about brothers Wu or Lamont though?

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