Thursday. Part 1

Looks like it is true.. According to Eric, demos only for now. No word on English or not.


New awesomeness this year. Ikea bags that act as backpacks.


Way better than ripping my hands apart.


No time to write now. This is the stuff at noon. Gotta go back for more

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10 Responses to Thursday. Part 1

  1. power grid box looks thick

  2. > No word on English or not.

    The sign itself is in English. In a convention in Germany. Would be completely bizarre if not available in English.

  3. jgeske says:

    What are the two games above Doodle City, and what are the ones above and below Babel?

  4. Dale Yu says:

    Game above Doodle city is an extra pad for Doodle city. Above Babel is Clinic. Below is Viceroy. Cyrillic box but English content

  5. jgeske says:

    I meant to ask about the 2 games below Doodle City.

  6. Dale Yu says:

    Below. Moscow to Paris. Spyfall.

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