Weds part two, try #2

Not sure what happened to the first draft. The app on my phone must have eaten it.  Anyways, I can’t find it anywhere.

Setup day was it’s usual hectic hurry up and wait. Everybody rushing around to get stuff done.

Managed to have my favorite blood pudding dish for dinner tonight.  Yum.

Picked up a few games today, but no purchasing. Exchanging money is not allowed before the show opens tomorrow morning.


Also managed to play a few games today.

Gaia early in the morning was as good as I thought it would be from reading the rules. Very tactical. The power cards of the advanced version might be take-thatty, but not overly so.

Villanex is a fascinating Japanese game that can be played in 5 minutes.  Deal 6, discard 2. Everyone shows what 4 they have left, and then another round of discarding 2. Finally, you choose which half of the cards you are using. Then you figure out how the scoring works and you’re done. Clevery simple and there is just enough information given in the show phase to make it interesting.

Mangrovia is a challenging family game. We played a 3p advanced game in just  about an hour. Cool action selection mechanic. Scoring is very much weighted to the end, so we could not see who was winning until the final tally.

Also, got one more go at time stories from Space Cowboys. Estimated Street date of Gencon 2015. This was the most challenging scenario yet, but it was still a blast. Still amongst my most anticipated games.

Ok, time for bed. The fair starts for real tomorrow. Not sure how much posting to be done as tomorrow is the main day to pick up games.

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